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100 metres women World Championships 2014 Odds

Who wins 100 metres women?

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For track events women events were mostly inferior to man competition but lately they are getting the recognition they deserve. Especially the sprint events are now much more interesting and becoming followed by the wider public. For 100m races they are still not surrounded by the hype as the man competition is, but is getting close. The world record for the 100m women’s event stands for more than 25 years, as Florence Griffith ran the distance with the unbelievable 10.49 time in 1988.

In the recent years Jamaican sprinters totally destroyed the competition by achieving great results in the men competition and things are looking bright for the women`s event as well. Jamaican sprinter Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is the current Olympic gold medalist and has the best chances of keeping the status of the fastest women in the world right now. With the time of 10.70, she has the fourth best result of all time. She still did not back down and has the leading result in 2013 as well, as she ran the 100m distance with 10.92 during the Diamond league. Fraser-Pryce won the World championship in 2009 and was fourth in 2011. She is the first favorite for the world title, as she has regular competitive performances and great results as well.

Veteran runner Carmelita Jeter is practically the only athlete capable of beating Fraser. She is the current World champion from 2011 and the silver medalist from London. Jeter is one of the best female sprinters of all time as she has three results in top 10 results of all time, including the second best at 10.64. Jeter`s 2013 results are not marked with any special results as she mostly prepared herself for the 2013 event. At the age of 33, this might be her last chance of a great result and we are sure that will serve as a motivation for itself.

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