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Will the Airline CEO’s Horses Fly through Cheltenham Festival?

As one of the wealthiest businessmen in Ireland, Michael Kevin O’Leary is also said to be one of the luckiest as well. Not only is he the CEO of Ryanair, Irish airlines, but he is the proud owner of several winning racehorses and this year he will be entering one in the Gold Cup and another in the race named after his own airline, Ryanair.

While O’Leary’s horses didn’t do well in the Irish Gold Cup of 12 February, he has high hopes for two of his champions in the upcoming Cheltenham Festival to take place between 14 March and 17 March in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK. Anyone looking for good odds and a chance to win with little down and often money to match might want to check out the Cheltenham Festival free bets to see how O’Leary’s horses are faring with the bookmakers. Each bookmaker may have different odds so check them all!

O’Leary’s Entrant into the Gold Cup at Cheltenham

Of the three horses most watched in O’Leary’s stables, Outlander is the one chosen to be entrant in Cheltenham’s final day race, the Gold Cup. Most believe that of the three stablemates, including Don Poli and Empire of Dirt, Outlander is by far superior. Michael’s brother, Eddie, who is also the manager of O’Leary’s horses says that they believe Outlander to be the best choice for that particular race, but even so, they consider him to be the most superior. During Christmastime, Outlander performed his best-of-career by winning the Lexus Chase. O’Leary feels that Outlander will offer a repeat performance at the Cheltenham Festival in March of 2017 and at the moment his odds are at 14:1 for the race he is entered in, the Gold Cup.

Why It Helps that the Three Are Stablemates

One of the best benefits of having the three champs in the same yard is because it makes it much easier to make comparisons. The horses are stabled with Gordon Elliott after the falling out between Willie Mullins and O’Leary late last year. It is said that the issue was fees but even so, as far as Don Poli and Outlander are concerned, they are still together, just in another yard with an additional horse and a chance to train with another hand. The O’Leary’s are happy to have their champions with Elliott who also has Empire of Dirt, the horse previously with Colm Murphy. It seems as though the O’Leary’s were seeking to stable their prize-winning trio in the same yard and they found the best of the best in Elliott.

Which of the Remaining Two Is Chosen for Ryanair?

Now it remains to be seen which of the two remaining stablemates has been chosen as the O’Leary pick for the Ryanair Chase. Since it is easier to compare them side-by-side in the same yard, O’Leary didn’t hesitate to name Empire of Dirt to race in the race that was named after his airline. Don Poli was, unfortunately, nicknamed Don Slowly, and being given the choice, O’Leary had to go with Empire of Dirt, but Don Poli is still headed Cheltenham way. It can only be hoped that he does kick up some dirt, and fly through the race for which it was named!

However, for Empire of Dirt, he has the honour of being in both the Gold Cup as well as the Ryanair Chase and both O’Leary brothers feel he is up to the task. With the Festival only a few weeks away, all eyes in the O’Leary clan are on these two champion stock horses that stand the chance of bringing home two trophies, maybe three if Empire of Dirt wins or places in both events. Will it take the luck of the Irish? We’ll know next month!