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Belarus' national selection for Eurovision 2018

BTRC has confirmed that Belarus will compete in Eurovision 2018. A national final selection process will be used to select the song to represent the country for the 63rd contest in Lisbon.

Belarus will be hoping to replicate the success of Naviband who represented the country in 2017 with the song Historyja majho žyccia also known as Story of my Life. The husband and wife duo of Arciom Lukjanienka and Ksienija Žuk qualified for the Eurovision 2017 final and finished in 17th place. Naviband achieved a grand total of 83 points in Kyiv which included the maximum of 12 points from the professional juries of Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The duo were notable for being the first act from Belarus to sing their entry entirely in the Belarusian language.

BTRC, the Belarusian national broadcaster, has released the full set of rules and regulations for the country’s upcoming national final, with very few changes being made from previous editions of the selection.

As well as complying with general Eurovision rules, entrants from Belarus as well as foreign citizens are eligible to submit their applications for the forthcoming selection. The same rules also apply to bidding authors and composers wishing to submit song entries.

As with previous years, the forthcoming Belarusian national selection will be determined in 2 stages: the first stage will see artists auditioning for a place in the second stage of the competition, the national final.

In the first stage of the selection, artists will audition to the jury panel in the hope of gaining their backing to qualify to the next stage of the selection. The audition phase will be broadcast online, as has been the case over the past number of years in Belarus.

The finalists will be determined no later than the 14 January 2018, in which no more than 15 participants will be selected to compete in the national final. The Belarusian national final will take place no later than the 1 March 2018, with an official final date expected to be unveiled by BTRC over the coming weeks.

Once again, the next representative for Belarus at Eurovision 2018 will be determined via a combined 50/50 public and jury vote.

The 2018 entry will be the 15th Belarusian entry in Eurovision. Belarus’ greatest success to date remains the 6th place for Dmitry Koldun in Helsinki in 2007.  The 2018 entrant will be hoping to bring the Eurovision trophy to Belarus for the first time. The country is historically more successful in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest where it has achieved two victories (in 2005 and 2007).

The Eurovision 2018 semi-finals will take place on 8th and 10th May 2018. Belarus will compete in one of these semi-finals to win a place in the grand final at the MEO Arena, Lisbon on 12 May 2018. It is expected that the EBU will release the full list of participating countries for Eurovision 2018 in the next few months.

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