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Best Place for NFL Odds – Live Football Betting Lines

There are a lot of different websites that offer betting odds but only a few are worth using for your every day betting. Below is a list in order of the best sites that provide live or updated betting lines for sports in the United States. These are the sites that we recommend using here at Nicerodds the leader in Odds Comparison Services:

  1. Sports Information Traders
  2. Sports Insights
  3. Sports Options
  4. Covers – Sports Direct Inc.       
  7. Odds Shark
  8. Don Best NFL Odds
  9. Bovada NFL Gambling Odds

Each site has a different way to display the current point spreads and totals for that days football games. The difference between a number 1 ranking and a number 8 ranking is the depth of information that is provided.  At sports information traders their NFL Odds show you where the line opened up at, what the rotation number is in Las Vegas, Nevada. The rotation number is how you can go up to the window and provide the rotation number as part of placing your wager at the sportsbooks.

In addition to rotation numbers their odds feed is updated every 15 seconds and it shows in a color coded situation which sportsbooks on land and offshore have had line movements and the timeframe in which the line was moved. This is great for those who like to make money betting on steam plays where you can gain an advantage and make extra money just because you are using the right odds feed. The websites like ESPN & Fox Sports do not showcase the latest line movements and this is probably because they d o not want to promote sports betting or gambling. While this may seem helpful its actually a hinderence because amateur bettors are not getting the most recent and up to date information. This is akin to the bookie having inside information over the bettor because they are not using the right lines feed.

Different sportsbooks offer different odds. does a good job of displaying this data and so do the majority of the other sites above. This is also of crucial importance because you need to know where you can get the best odds at on the Las Vegas strip. If one place say Caesars Palace sportsbook is offering the Dallas Cowboys +3.5 points over the New York Giants and you want to wager on the Cowboys then you would be happy to see that the Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook is offering the Dallas Cowboys at +6.5 points due to a big wager at their book. Sports information feeds you this helpful information.

On top of all the great stuff we mentioned above there is also a list of all the changes and line movements with a time stamp. Each stamp showcases where the line has moved and the vigorish with each movement. For example a line can move from -110 up to +150 if the public is betting a lot of money moving the team from an underdog to a favorite. That is something that sports information provides to its visitors that the other sites do not. 

So if you want to gain an extra edge and make money you have to use one of the best live odds feeds when betting on professional football.