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Biathlon World Championships 2017 Odds

Biathlon World championship takes place every year, except for the ones that are Olympic years. Biathlon World championship is part of the World cup event which usually lasts from November to March. 2017 World championship is scheduled to come earlier than usual, this time in February. The venue for the tournament will be Austrian city Hochfilzen, which will host the championship for the third time, with the previous tournaments in this city being held in 1978 and 2005.

Last year Biathlon World championship took place in Oslo. Just like a year prior, France came out victorious at the medal table, winning a total of eleven medals, six of them being gold. Martina Fourcade himself won four medals, more than any other athlete at that championship. Hosts Norway came out second at the end with nine medals, four of them being gold. A total of eight countries won at least one medal, which is three countries less than in 2015. 2017 event will feature eleven different events in each gender: individual, sprint, mass start, pursuit and relay.

One of the most difficult event in Biathlon is certainly sprint, because it requires energy, patience and stamina like few sports do. Martin Fourcade, probably one of the best biathlon athletes in recent history will enter as favorite once again and further increase his medal tally. Fourcade is the undisputed winner of the Biathlon World cup for several seasons now and 2017 looks also to be his year as he only dropped two wins in the 2016/2017 program. In sprint, Faurcade is well ahead of his closest follower Emil Svendsen, who will most likely be his only opposition for the sprint competition but anything than a cool Fourcade win will be a surprise. Plus, the Olympics are due next year and he will look to enter those as a firm favorite.

Pursuit is one of the followed events of the Biathlon World championship, since it is very dynamic and interesting for neutral parties. However, Fourcade managed to crawl into this tournament as well and is a firm favorite for gold as well. Fourcade easily won the tournament last year ahead of Ole Bjorndalen. In the World cup, he is well ahead Russian Shipulin and probably looking to seal the overall victory there. Anton Babikov is the only athlete that beat Fourcade at this event this year, so it will be interesting to see his effort next month.

Although Austria is hosting the tournament in 2017, they look pretty short of their own hopefuls for the tournament. In 2016 Austria came out with two medals in total. Both medals were won in 20km individual races, with Simon Eder taking bronze and Dominik Landerkinder taking silver, behind the French sensation Fourcade. This year however both of them are kind of behind in the overall standings so a more significant impact would be a surprise. Still, the home crowd and support might be a chance for them and some new athletes to perform.

Biathlon World championship 2017 will take place on February 9th and conclude on February 19th.

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