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Binary options and gambling

Some people say that binary options is the same as gambling and betting. You can calculate odds and compare statistics. We will explain the difference between binary options and gambling in this artcle.

Binary options is a financial product where you take a bet that a certain asset will go up or down in price during a specific period of time. If you want to know more you can read this article at Wikipedia.

There are however similarities between betting and binary options. A trader need to do a lot of work before she can become profitable. Betting on soccer also take a lot of work to become profitable long term, while gambling just involve pure luck.

In sports betting a player is depending on the outcome of the match. There are many different variables to account for. Poker is a game of skill and a player rely on strategy and social skill. In casino a player is just depending on the game itself. We will explain more about the similarities between gambling and binary options.

Casino vs Binary options

Casino games are nothing like trading binary options. Betting on slots and most other casinogames leave it all in the hands of luck. Trading binary options involve taking a position in the market. The house always has an edge in casino. When trading binary options you can control the risk and skill play a big part.


Many people think sportsbetting have a similarity to binary options. It is party true, but only partly. In sportsbetting you will mostly place a bet on the final outcome of a game. In binary options you can place a trade on the outcome of a price movement when a certain time has expired. There are more similarities, but also one big difference.

Sportsbetting is still counted as betting or gambling while binary options are considered to be a financial instrument. They are regulated in a very different way and have totally different licenses. It is safe to say that betting and binary options are not the same things, but they have similarities. You need to use the same strategic thinking on both of them and you need to check history and plan ahead. When trading binary options, the timeframe is very important. When you place your trade, you also select a timeframe. The timeframe in sportsbetting is just the end of the game or event and it is nothing you can control yourself.

When you take a bet on binary options you only risk to lose that money. It is the same thing when you place a bet on a soccer game. If you have tried betting and want to take a shot at binary options you should be careful. You need to read and get proper education before you start to trade. A good way to start is to try with a demoaccount. Then you can make trades just as they would be real but it is not with real money. It is just like playing a casinoslot with playmoney to try it out.