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Swiss national broadcaster revealed more information and a date for their national final. The national selection process begins today with SRG SSR inviting those interested to submit a song by September 22. The song may not be published in part or in whole before 1 September 2017 (radio, TV, Internet, public performance, recording media, etc.).

Further changes in the selection process: A jury of music and media crews, "ESC" fans and spectators determine the songs, which are part of the Liveshow. The audience, as well as an international jury, choose the winner in the final of 50 percent each.

In order to offer songwriters the opportunity to submit their songs even without a final voice, the SRG SSR re-focuses the selection of the song in this first stage. After signing up on September 22, 2017, a 20-member independent jury and the SRG SSR are expected to choose six songs for the national decision-making show. By uploading a song, the legal owners acknowledge that all rights required for the contractual creation and use of the work and the production and services of third parties (including neighbouring rights of session musicians, singers, etc.) shall be granted entirely and legally to SRG SSR without any conditions.

The jury is made up of music and media, "ESC" fans and television viewers. They listen to all submitted and regular songs and select the finalists from all applications in several discussion and decision-making sessions. The songs are not publicly available.

Artists of the songs submitted must note that only the song is assessed and selected by the jury. The artists, thus the voices in the songs, may be replaced by the SRG SSR at any time for quality reasons. After consultation with the composers and producers, the final decision as to which artists sing which songs is made by SRG SSR.

The six qualified final songs will be tested with different voices to find the perfect interpretation for each title. For quality reasons, SRG SSR may award wildcards for the final. However, it is not obliged to make use of this option. Artists that are Swiss nationals or are resident in Switzerland will be given priority. However, nationality is not a deciding factor and does not prohibit anybody from singing a song.  The Livecheck therefore falls away in this new selection.

The qualified artists present their song in the national live show on Sunday, February 4, 2018. This broadcast will be broadcasted live from the TV station Zurich. In the end, 50 percent of the TV audience via televoting and 50 percent an international expert jury, will decide who is going to represent Switzerland in 2018 at the Eurovision Song Contest in Portugal. The representatives of this international expert jury, following the international competition, will be announced after the show on 4 February 2018. If one part of the voting suffers technical problems, the other part will decide the winner. If there is a tie at the end of the voting, the televoters have the power to decide the winner.

Winner Die Entscheidungsshow 2018

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