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Discus Throw women World Championships 2014 Odds

Who wins Women's Discus Throw?

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Discus throw is one of the oldest sports that exist in athletics. The sport dates back nearly 1500 years before and it was part of the Olympic since 1986. The women’s discipline was added to the Olympic program back in 1928, although there are some data, which show the history of this event go even further in the past. The record for women’s event in this discipline goes also way back in the past, as German athlete Gabriele Reinsch threw the discus for 76.80m in 1988, which is by far the best result of all time.

For the past several seasons, the result is not significantly improving and this record will stay for a long time. The main favorite for the world championship is the reigning Olympic champion and one of the biggest potentials in field athletics, Croatian athlete Sandra Perković. Perković managed to win the golden medal in London, by throwing the discus at much respectful 69.11m, which was nearly 2m better than her rivals. This is the Croatian national record and also her personal best. During the 2013 season, she performed throughout the whole season and won all of the Diamond league meetings, comfortably. Her best result was the 68.96m throw from Lausanne, which is also the leading result of this year. Perković did not win any medals in 2011 and this will be her chance to unify all trophies in this discipline.

Reigning World champion and silver medalist from London, Chinese discus thrower Li Yanfeng will seek her chance of overcoming Perković and will be her main opponent for the tournament. Yanfeng’s best result is 67.98m, which probably won’t be enough for a golden medal this time. During the 2013 she competed in Asian games and the Diamond league meetings, but could not beat Perković in many occasions. In order for her to win the golden medal, she will have to do much better than her personal best.

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