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The Elite Ice Hockey League Odds

Elite Ice Hockey League

Who wins the Elite Ice Hockey League 2016/2017?

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The EIHL is the most competitive ice hockey league in the United Kingdom. Founded in 2003, the league has spanned more than a decade of top level hockey and grown to 10 teams and will expand to 13 teams for the 2017 season. The league gained it’s independent identity by capping the number of import players compared to their Superleague counterparts for a 12 import limit, and a home grown hockey feel as the cities are truly represented by their own talent.

The league features 4 main phases of competition: the regular season, playoffs, the Challenge Cup and the Knockout cup. A downside is that the league gets very little media attention nationally although newspapers and local stations do cover team progress. With this fact, the EIHL has remained a hidden jewel of ice hockey in the UK.

Notable teams in the league are the Nottingham Panthers with 8 Challenge Cup titles and Coventry Blaze and Cardiff Devils with 2 each and the Sheffield Steelers with the most regular season title wins. Teams are awarded points for successful completion of each of the 4 stages and are ranked according to most points.

The hockey demonstrated in the EIHL differs from other neighboring European leagues as it is an offshoot of the rough and tumble North American game. The player turnover rate is high, with most players lasting only a season and it is very rare for multiple year contracts to be signed among players.

The fan base for the EIHL is small in comparison to other leagues, with an average attendance of approximately 2700 fans per game. One of the biggest knocks against the league by owners and fans is that of the high costs to participate and attend. This of course trickles down to lower resources to attract high end players, as fanbase does not support the financials necessary for higher salaries.

The leagues official website can be found here for all scores, standings and league news.