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Eurovision semi final 1 Going to the final

Semifinal 1: Which countries are going to the final in Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Semifinal 1: Which countries are NOT going to the final in Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled on May 9th. The show is going to start at 9PM CET time in the International Exhibition Centre.  The countries from the Big 5 that are going to vote in this semi-final are Italy, Spain and the UK.

Ten of the countries that are taking part in the first evening of the show was in the final of the ESC 2016, while the remaining 8 hope that 2017 will be their year.

At a first look, the incontestable qualifiers of this semi-final are Sweden and Australia. It is highly probable that the 2 countries to be a contender for the top 10 of the Grand Final and the qualification to that phrase should not be hard. Australia has always impressed when it was invited to the ESC family while Sweden, despite having one of the most successful national selection, also has the benefit of completing in the same semi-final with Finland, Latvia and Iceland, countries that use to be giving points to the Swedish entries.

Taking a look at the statistics of the ESC last years semifinals, the number of countries that qualify from the 2nd half of a semi-final is always bigger than the one which counts the qualifiers from the 1st half. In 2017 Armenia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Latvia, Moldova, Poland and Slovenia could take the advantage of that.  Among them, Latvia, Poland, Armenia and Cyprus had taken part in the grand final of the ESC in the last 2 years,  while Iceland and Moldova are looking forward to be back in the final after few years of absence. Greece also looked out of shape in the previous years, 2016 being the first year ever that Greece did not pass the semi-final round. In a similar bad form is Slovenia too. Moreover, there is to mention that the feedback that Cyprus’ singer received when it was announced that he is going to be in Kyiv in May was not the best, fans asking for his replacement even before he released his song.

Analysing the countries which are going to perform in the opening half, Finland, Azerbaijan and Georgia may lokok to be some serious contenters for getting through this qualification round. Portugal’s chances of being in the final after numerous years of failures may be bigger this year, as the national television of this country has give up on accepting in the national final only songs in Portuguese language.

Geo-politicaly speaking, it is highly probable that the geo-political voting to influent the final list of the 10 qualifiers. So, to highlight is that Azerbaijan and Georgia are both here, Iceland, Finland, Sweden  are expected to help each other, Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania could also share some points, while Spain and Italy look to be the perfect voters for Portugal. Greece and Cyprus were also drawn both into this semi-final as well as Australia, Sweden and the voters of UK. Those being mentioned, the countries which look to be „alone” in this semi-final are Belgium, Moldova, Poland and Czech Republic.