Eurovision Song Contest 2018
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Eurovision semi final 2 Going to the final

Semifinal 2: Which countries are going to the final in Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

Semifinal 2: Which countries are NOT going to the final in Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US

The second semi-final of the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled on May 11th. It will take place in the International Exhibition Centre in Kiev, Ukraine, following Ukraine's victory at the 2016 contest in Stockholm with the song "1944", written and performed by Jamala. This will be the second time the contest takes place in Kiev, after 2005, and the fourth Eurovision event after hosting the Junior Eurovision Song Contests in 2009 and 2013. 

19 countries are going to fight for the 10 qualification spots and the battle is announcing to be huge as this semi-final has at its start 10 countries which already won this competition for at least one time. But as the time passes, judging by the results from the previous few years, the countries which are going to perform in this semi-final can be described as very inconstant ones: only 2 countries (Hungary and Austria) were in all the Grand Finals of the last 3 editions of the competition.

The first half of this semi-final includes contries that are already used to regulary getting through this qualification round: Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Malta, Romania, Serbia. Depsite Romania, which was disqualified, only one of the mentioned countries missed the final last year: Denmark. The Scandinavian country looks to be trying to bring back the good shape which they had before Emily de Forest won the contest back in 2014. Nederland’s representative band could also be receiving a good feedback in Kyiv as the 3 girls who form O’G3NE won the Junior Eurovision Song Contest back in 2007.

The second half is composed by countries that had difficulies in qualifying to the grand final during the last years. Excepting Norway and Estonia, which both failed to qualify last year but still, they have good statistics in passing the semi-finals overall, all the other countries are always struggling. Israel, Lithuania finally cought a good shape in the last few years and of course, they will be trying to keep it going this year, Bulgaria and Croatia had quite good comebacks last year, while Switzerland is always opened in getting a random place. Belarus and San Marino look to be outsiders.

The geo-political voting will have a word in this semi-final too, as well as France, Germany and Ukraine which are also going to vote. Regarding Nordic zone, Denmark and Norway are likely to exchange some points, as well as the trio formed by Belarus, Lithuania and Estonia which importance may be amplified by the voting of Ukraine. Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia will also be sisters for a night and help each other, Austria and Israel will slightly help Romania, which at its turn could rise Hungary. Also, Germany should be a help for Austria and Switzerland, the last one possibly expeciting some points from Romania, the country from which Timebelle’s lead vocalist is from. Ireland and San Marino look somehow lost in this semi-final and they need good songs in order to pass this complicated round.