Eurovision Song Contest 2017
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Best of Big 5 in Eurovision 2017 Odds

The times when the big five dominated the Eurovision Song Contest are long gone and the influence of smaller Eastern European countries is getting bigger and bigger. There were already some speculations about whether Big Five actually deserve to have an automatic place in the finals. In case you are not a pretty much fan of the Eurosong, let us remind you why exactly the Big Five qualify automatically. In case you don't know, Big Five includes United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Germany and France. Now, since Eurosong lacks financial boost, these countries gain automatic entry due to the financial backing they are providing. Since 2000, the abovementioned countries gain automatic qualification without prior qualifications. However, not many quality songs emerged from the Big Five, as only Germany managed to win the contest back in 2010, when Lena won the Eurosong with "Satellite".

Which of the listed Big Five countries will score the most points in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

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