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Odds on top 5 in Eurovision 2017 final

Which countries will be among the top five in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Odds At Betfair1.001.00

For this year’s competition, bookmakers started to take bets on the winner since last December, five months ahead of Eurovision 2017’s being held in Kyiv. As of the end of March all the 43 countries participating in Eurovision were selecting their entries.

Last year saw Ukraine, Australia, Russia, Bulgaria and Sweden making the top 5 with a thrilling battle between them for getting the victory, the suspense being amplified by the new televoting system.

Apart from the top contenders for getting a place on the podium and the place just near it, there are another several countries which are looking forward to impress in Ukraine and get an as good place as possible.

Macedonia is aiming to be back in the Grand Final of the ESC after 5 years. After last year the Balcan star Kaliopi was brought back to the Eurovision stage, this year the Macedonian national broadcaster  focused on finding a good team for producing the song ”Dance Alone” and the fans are approving their succes as Macedonia is between the first countries in the odds.

As usually, Azerbaijan is coming to Eurovision with a decent song which enlists the Caucasian country with high hopes for a top 5 finish. Dihaj has the support of a great team of songwriters and producers with extensive history in Azerbaijan’s Eurovision journey. “Skeletons” is written by Isa Melikov and Sandra Bjurman, who both worked with Ell & Nikki in 2011. Melikov also has experience working with Aysel and Russia’s Dima Bilan.

Winning  2 of the last 5 editions, Sweden is dreaming again of bringing back the contest to their country. Even if Robin Bengtsson’ “I Can’t Go On” is not seen as a contender for the top 3, it is very likely that the Swedish entry will place into the top 5.  He is proving that he can and will go on.a Eurovision promo tour! He’ll be taking over Amsterdam, London, Tel Aviv and Madrid. Following countless messages from international fans and growing support for his song, Sweden’s latest darling decided to announce his presence for almost every single pre-party in the Eurovision calendar.

Romania is proposing this year a song based on yodeling, a memorable entry in the history of this contest. Ilinca&Alex Florea are going to Kiev in order to bring back the results Romania used to have in editions such as Oslo 2010, Helsinki 2006 and also Kiev 2005. The members of Romania’s delegation said that they are looking to create a coreography for this song for making it more enjoyable by the fans.

After the absence of all the Scandinavian countries excepting Sweden in the final of last year’s Eurovision, now the North wants to shine with the exceptional voice of Anja Nielsen, a Dannish-Australian singer, who is going to represent the coutry of Hans-Christian Andersen in Kiev with the song ”Where I Am”.  Denmark is a fan favorite this year, but stil, it is slightly probable that she can achieve better than a top 5 place.

Also on the race for sneaking in the top 5 are Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece or Poland.