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Eurovision: You Decide Odds

Who wins Eurovision: You Decide 2018?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
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The UK national selection for the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest, 'Eurovision: You Decide' will be held on Wednesday 7th February at the world-famous Brighton Dome. The show will be hosted once again by Mel Giedroyc who will be joined by Swedish Eurovision winner Måns Zelmerlöw.

The 90-minute show will feature performances of six brand new songs, with the acts looking to impress both the viewers and a professional jury. We will know the winner on the night, after the results from the live public vote are combined with the results from the jury.

Eurovision: You Decide 2018 will be broadcast on BBC Two on Wednesday 7th February. It will be broadcast live from Brighton Dome, the site of ABBA’s 1974 Eurovision Song Contest win with “Waterloo”.

Last year, Lucie Jones was chosen by the public to represent the UK, going on to lead the UK to our best result since 2011, scoring 111 points with 'Never Give Up on You' and finishing 15th.

After each performance, a panel of experts will be on hand to provide their critique about the songs and the artists, and give their view on how the songs could translate to the Eurovision stage in Portugal for the Grand Final next May. The winner will be revealed on the night after the results from the live public vote have been combined with the results from the professional jury. The six competing songs and artists will be revealed to the public in January 2018.

With this year’s co-host of Eurovision: You Decide, the BBC is bringing in a bona fide Eurovision champion to aid the search for a winner. Zelmerlow claimed the grand prize at the 2015 Song Contest in Vienna with Heroes, a catchy tune set against a memorable lights show featuring a small stick figure man who fist-pumped the singer during the performance.

He later went on to host Sweden’s 2016 song contest with Petra Mede. The pair were widely praised for their humorous approach and several spectacular half-time routines, including their recipe for a Eurovision winning song, Love Love, Peace Peace.

Mans broke the news in a Twitter announcement on the BBC Eurovision page, revealing that he couldn’t wait to ‘hang out with the beautiful, magnificent’ Mel Giedroyc on the show.

Mans said: “I’m really, really looking forward to hosting Eurovision: You Decide together with Mel this year. I’m sure we’ll have a great show and I would love to see the UK achieve a great result in Eurovision 2018.

"I can’t wait to be part of the You Decide journey and make both You Decide as well as the Eurovision Finals, a part of every UK home.”

Hugh Goldsmith stated: “The ESC in Lisbon 2018 promises to be yet another fantastic show and I’m determined that we, the UK, are able to build on our excellent showing of 2017 thanks to Lucie Jones’ superlative performance of the powerful ballad, Never Give Up On You. To this end I am, again, looking for songs with emotive lyrics, memorable melodies and brilliant productions. However, success at Eurovision can also be about originality and the element of surprise. So, please also send us your songs if they are creatively fresh, brave and a little bit different!”