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Imri Ziv , selected by Israel on 13 February as country's representative at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 , which will take place on 9, 11 and 13 May at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev, has officially presented the song with which he will attend the event, "I Feel Alive" .

Winner in front of three other candidates in the 'HaKokhav HaBa' , the national final organized by the Israeli public television, IBA, the artist previously appeared in the most important musical contest of the continent after being a part of backing vocals with Nadav Guedj and his catchy theme " Golden Boy " in 2015 , and also in 2016 accompanying Hovi Star and his" Made of Stars " .Imri Ziv and Diana Golbi got through to the final round. Imri Ziv received the highest percentage of the viewers' vote becoming Israel's 43rd representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer was very emotional as the result was announced.

"I'm excited to be participating in the Eurovision for the third time, and this time around, front and center," said Ziv—who was a backup singer during two previous performances—following his win. "I'm very happy and I promise to do my best to bring the Eurovision to Israel next year. Thank you for making my biggest dream come true," he continued.

"I Feel Alive", composed by Dolev Ram and Penn Hazut, is a lively song and very danceable to highlight , without a doubt, in the list of songs that to be one of the different bets between so much ballads. This committee appointed by the Israeli national broadcaster was made of Dr. Moshe Morad, Aliza Dayan-Hamama and Yuval Ganor (IBA), Tmira Yardeni, Mira Spiegel and Tomer G (Teddy Productions) and Aviad Rosenboim (IPBC).

Imri filmed the official video of the song at the arts centre of Hod HaSharon, his hometown, and joined by fans and dancers at the Sharona District of Tel Aviv to film the official preview video.

Noa Biton, one of the moderators at Israel’s online Eurovision community, states that the local supporters are very relaxed and pleased with the procedure so far. “We managed to hear parts of the song thanks to some snippets that were released online. The producers put in some oriental touches to the common dance beat which is a popular genre in Israel right now and most of the fans are happy that an entry which represents the local lifestyle will go to Eurovision. It is great to bring a refreshment to the stage and to the viewers at home in a year full of ballads.”

Imri — no doubt a contender to win wiwibloggs.com annual search for  Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model — will stand out at Eurovision for reasons beyond his good looks. In a sea of screaming female soloists at Eurovision, he’s a man with a plan (and pecs) and plenty of Eurovision experience.

To qualify for the Grand Final, Ziv will compete in the semi-final in the Ukrainian capital on May 11. Israel has won the Eurovision Song Contest three times before, in 1978, 1979 and again in 1998.

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