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FIBA Asia Cup 2017 odds

Who wins the FIBA Asia Cup 2017?

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South Korea17.0017.00

The 2017 Fiba Asia Cup will be one of the most interesting so far. The most prestigious international competition in Asia will take place in Lebanon from 8th until 20th of August, and it is expected to be the best regarding quality in the last 20 years.

The Asian basketball has made an enormous progress recently, and more and more excellent players are coming from this area. When we add that Australia and New Zealand participate in this tournament also, you can see that it is going to be one hell of a competition. In the next few paragraphs, we are going to introduce the four biggest favorites for winning the gold medal.

Of course, the biggest favorites are the Australians and Chinese.

The Aussies are for the first time here, and it is a part of a program similar to the one in football where they wanted to gain more high-quality games and have joined the Asian region games. The same thing is with the New Zealand, but the Tall Blacks are not in our opinion among the first circle of favorites, but they are among top 5 teams in Lebanon.

The Aussies are coming without their biggest stars Andrew Bogut, Aaron Banes, Patty Mills, etc. This team is going to be built from the players who are mostly based in Australian teams, and it will be some sort of a development squad, from which the best will be picked for the  A team. The leader is going to be David Andersen, the player with a fantastic and rich international career. At age 37 Andersen can still contribute to almost every team in the world. Coaches are Andrej Lemanis and great Luc Longley.

The Chinese are coming without their NBA prospect  Zhou Qi and Ding Yanhyhang. Nevertheless, this team has a capability to defeat anyone here without any problems. From year to year, the Red Dragon is getting stronger and stronger, and it is mainly because of their CBA league which attracts many fantastic players. Even before this, China has been a powerhouse of Asian basketball, and in 21 appearances, they won 16 gold medals here. Coach Feng Du has a mix of youth and experience in his roster, and it is expected that the newcomers bring some fresh energy to the team.

New Zealand is our next choice for the winner. The Tall Blacks like to play these kinds of tournaments. Like the Aussies, they too are going to bring the squad which is going to be a base for recruiting newcomers for the first team. To be honest, the two most known names in the whole New Zealand crew are Paul Henare and Pero Cameron. They were the part of the famous 2002 Tall Blacks team which has reached the semi-finals of the World Championship in Indianapolis. They have the experience, which is vital for tournaments like this one.

Our last favorite is Iran. Hamed Haddadi is probably the most influential individual in the whole tournament. Iran has the knowledge of winning at this tournament, and they have what it takes to repeat that. Haddadi can single-handedly defeat any team in the tournament. The rest of the team perfectly creates a backup for him, and the Persian Lions are a team who needs to be on your list when looking this championship.

All in all, this is one of the most interesting championships in the history of Asian championships, because along with all the teams from that region we have Australia and New Zealand also.