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Folio Prize

Who will get the Folio Prize 2017?

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Although we live in a digital world and the movie and comic industry is recording extreme popularity, we ca still enjoy a good book because of wonderful writers across the world. At the end, a quality literature work is a mirror of our society and luckily there are people and organizations that pay attention to these people. Besides Nobel prize for literature, which probably the most famous award in writing world, we also have as of 2014 the so called Folio prize. The concept of the prize awards the writers in English language, released in UK. The author however must not be from United Kingdom and can be from anywhere in the world.

Folio prize traditionally awards fiction novels, but as of 2017 it will start to award other genres as well. 2014 and 2015 years saw awards given to eight authors on each event, while 2016 event was dropped because of financial reasons. The committee is now on its search for new sponsors for the 2017 event, so that initial 40k prize can be divided among the winners. The award is imagined to compete with the much established Man Booker award for best fiction novel, however the problems in recent year threatens to prohibit the organizers ambition. Man Booker was in a center of a controversy in 2011, when the award directors dropped some high-profile authors from their awards list, causing a separation and formation of Folio Prize later that year.

In 2017 Folio Prize has the ambition to become the leading literary award out there and be the place to watch out, when the best book of the year is announced. The readers more and more don’t actually care what genre are they reading, as long as the material is something they are willing to take on a holiday with them. Arguing that the genre is not important to readers, then why should matter to the awards? It is a long shot, but basically Folio Prize just made a very smart decision and made the right call for the upcoming year.

Folio academy embodies around 200 writers and members of the jury who will eventually decide about the best work of literary art in 2017. Even if sponsors are not found, the award show is still on course to appear. In a world run by mainstream media and cinema, arts like books and novels must be preserved and we hope Folio prize might shine some light on this.