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German federal election 2017 Odds

Party/Coalition to obtain most seats at the German federal election 2017

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
The Left101.00101.00

Unlike most other Western nations, Germany's political situation is one that is rather tied up by harsh speech laws and a history that is more than complicated due to its role in the events of the Second World War.

Because of these factors, one cannot make the same electoral assumptions as would be valid in other countries, with the rise of a Nationalist Right Wing party made all the more difficult in spite of circumstances that would normally serve as a perfect catalyst for growth.

Therefore, I find it highly likely to see the Christian Democratic Union, the party of current Chancellor Angela Merkel, perform rather strongly in next year's Federal Elections.

While they may not remain as powerful as in the past, expect them to continue to remain the largest elected political block in Germany, although look for their stance on Muslim immigration and integration to move a bit further to the right due to the blatant failures of open borders and rabid promotion of extreme Multiculturalism.

Other parties, including the Social Democrats (Leftist) and Alternative For Germany (as far to the Populist/Nationalist right as is acceptable) may make some gains in the elections, but their strength will remain far less than that of Merkel's party, with cooperation between the Left and Right extremely unlikely.

The Chancellor's party has indeed grown weaker, but has not as of yet fallen below the 30 percent support line according to most polling averages.

If this occurs in conjunction with the other parties holding their own or growing stronger, it may be wise to keep a close eye on the polls leading up to the election.

Otherwise, barring a dramatic event that would shift the consciousness of the entire German nation, making a pick on the CDU based off of the likelihood of the status quo remaining seems logical.