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Javelin throw women World Championships 2014 Odds

Who wins Women's Javelin throw?

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The javelin throw is the only throwing discipline that is dictated by rules and there is only one proper way of throwing the javelin. The javelin throw is part of the Olympic program since the first games and is one of the most followed events, since the javelin is throw at highest speed and widest distance. The current record holder for women’s discipline is the Czech thrower Barbora  Špotakova, whose record is 72.28m from 2008.

Maria Abakumova can be considered as the first favorite for the golden medal. She is the reigning world champion from 2011. Her winning throw from 2011 is 71.99, which is the championship record and the second best result of all time. She will use the absence of Špotakova to retain the title and win yet another golden medal. She competed throughout 2013 but her results are not very convincing. Her best throw occurred in March, when she won the meeting with a 69.34 throw. She competed at the Diamond league meeting, but with no wins. Her form is questionable lately and lack of difficult meetings during the year might be her flaw.

German athlete and bronze medalist from London, Christina Obergfoll can be considered as a favorite as well, due to her successful season in the Diamond league meetings. She won the silver medal in London last year with a 65.16m throw. She is revolved around a lot of controversies, mostly due to her arrogant approach and stepping over the line, if her throw is unsuccessful. She competed regularly throughout the 2012 Diamond league meetings and won every single one of them, with the best result being the 67.70m throw from Eugene. It is highly questionable whether that result will be enough for the golden medal, but her competitiveness and active preparation put her way ahead of other participants, which can result in first golden medal of her career.

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