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NBA Teams with the Biggest Championship Odds Differentia

It’s obvious that different books offer different odds--that is kind of the purpose of nicerodds--any experienced sports bettor will make the rounds to different books (or check NicerOdds) to make sure they are getting top value for their wagers. You may have a favorite book, I tend to like the Betser odds, but it is always a wise choice to shop around before placing your bet. You may need to shop fast before the lines move.

With this in mind, we’ve taken a look at some NBA teams that are being offered wildly different odds at different books. Note, we’ve decided to avoid listing all of the cellar dwellers, as the long odds teams generally do have very high differential.

Brooklyn Nets

High: 1000/1
Low: 300/1

Difference: 700/1

The Nets are often ranked as the worst team in the NBA by sportsbooks. Their odds to win the championship are basically astronomical at all books. If for some unknown reason you would like to wager on the Nets to win a championship, I highly suggest you seek out the longest odds possible. If your miracle lottery ticket pays off, the difference between the highest and lowest odds possible will be a small fortune.

Utah Jazz

High: 81/1
Low: 51/1

Difference: 20/1

The Utah Jazz will be an interesting team to follow in 2016-2017. The young core of Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Rudy Gobert and Rodney Hood will be supported by the addition of 3 veteran players. Joe Johnson signed from Miami, George Hill was traded from Indiana, and Boris Diaw came over from San Antonio. Add to that the return of Dante Exum from an entire missed year due to an ACL tear, and the return of Alec Burks who missed the bulk of the previous season with a broken leg. The team is led by a great young coach in Quin Snyder, and should have the talent and depth required to not only make the playoffs but compete with the elites of the Western Conference.

The oddsmakers are split on the Jazz, some see them as a potential 8th seed and most likely first round fodder for a team like the Golden State Warriors; some bookies are seeing the Jazz more as the 4th or 5th team in the West, with a puncher’s chance in any series.

Oklahoma City Thunder

High: 51/1
Low: 26/1

Difference: 25/1

The Thunder were so close to beating the Warriors in last Summer’s playoffs, they had the dubs on the ropes down 3-1. Alas Chokelahoma City choked away and their fearless leader Kevin Durant ran away to California to join the team that just knocked him out. Even without Durant, this team boasts a bonafide superstar in Russell Westbrook and a host of interesting young players to complement Russ. At the low end, bookmakers consider OKC one of the four most likely teams to win the championship, and on the low-end they are in about 6th position--but it’s nearly double the odds! You can make twice as much money by simply betting at the right sportsbook. This is why I always check the odds at Betser and then compare them to the other books to which I am invested. It would be silly not to.

At the end of the day, any team not called the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors is a longshot to win. In my humble opinion, we are set for a re-rematch of these two. With both teams sitting at 1 championship each in the last two years, this year could be the tiebreaker.