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Alexis Sánchez next club Odds

Next club for Alexis Sánchez

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Alexis Sánchez was a poor kid from Tocopilla, Chile. But now he is the greatest footballer his country has ever produced. He is now Chile’s all-time top goal scorer and most capped player. He is also the reason behind Chile winning the Copa América in 2016. Alexis Sánchez also had a great season playing for Arsenal though the team performed terribly. He single handedly contributed to 34 goals in the Premier League only. So when the team still underperformed, he knew something had to change. Thus going into his final year he hasn’t signed any new contract. And change of scenery is very likely.


Last year was the first time in the Arsène Wenger era when Arsenal finished outside the top 4. So a rebuilding is a must. But before that they have to solve the Alexis Sánchez problem. Sánchez has been the only shining light in last year’s disappointing campaign for Arsenal. But though he likes to play for Arsenal, he want to challenge for the title. Thus he hasn’t signed any new contract to extend his stay more than the one year which remains in his current contract. His departure is very complicated due to his age and Arsenal’s high price tag of him. So if Arsenal are able to sign great players to create a team capable of winning the title, Alexis Sánchez might still be an Arsenal player next season.

Manchester City:

Manchester City has spent the most in the transfer market till now. And they aren’t showing any signs of stopping. They are still likely to add more than two players in this summer’s transfer window. And their main target from the start has been Alexis Sánchez. Because he would be the perfect player for Pep Guardiola’s system. And he knows how good he is personally. As Pep brought him to FC Barcelona himself. Though Arsenal don’t want to sell to a rival, they might not have any option as foreign bids are very unlikely at this moment. So if Sánchez doesn’t sign a new contract, Manchester City is his most likely destination.

FC Bayern Munich:

If Arsenal are unable to keep their talisman Alexis Sánchez, they will like to sell him abroad. And from abroad the team which is showing the most interest is FC Bayern Munich. Bayern also has Sánchez’s close friend and National teammate Arturo Vidal. So convincing him would not be a problem at all. In recent time Bayern has cooled interest because they felt signing Sánchez might result in breaking their wage structure. But if Sánchez doesn’t sign a new contract he won’t ask for unrealistic wages. Which will pave the way for Bayern to add another world class talent.