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Sergio Agüero next club Odds

Next club for Sergio Agüero

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Sergio Agüero is considered the best striker in the Premier League. And his scoring record backs that statement. He has the best goal to game ratio in the Premier League’s history. And considering that he scored 169 goals for Manchester City with his bad injury record is more astonishing. So if he becomes available in this summer’s transfer window, there will be a frenzy of offers.

Manchester City:

Sergio Agüero is the talisman of Manchester City’s Sheikh Mansour era. And he has been the man behind Premier League’s most dramatic winner by scoring that 94th minute goal in the last match of the 2011/12 season. So one may ask why Manchester City would sell Sergio Agüero. The reason is Pep Guardiola. Sergio Agüero isn’t an ideal striker in Pep Guardiola’s system. That’s why Gabriel Jesus got a lot of time to play in Sergio Agüero’s spot. But since then Sergio Agüero changed his game a little bit and had lot of options to shine in the final games of the Premier League. And he recently said "I still have two years on my contract with Manchester City. I feel very happy here, so I will fulfil my contract to stay here until the end of my contract.” So Manchester City is still the most likely destination where he would play next season.

Paris Saint-Germain:

Paris Saint-Germain had a disastrous last season. They wear easily beaten to the league by AS Monaco. And considering the wealth of talent and money at their disposal, it was horrendous. And so they have targeted a world class striker to partner Edison Cavani. At first it looked like they were sure to sign Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. But for reasons unknown that deal has crumbled. Their latest target is Sergio Agüero. And there are strong rumors that they are preparing £60m-plus bid for the argentine. This will be a hard offer to refuse for Pep Guardiola. As he would be able to get rid of someone who doesn’t fit his tactics. And would get enough cash to buy a proper replacement who is perfectly suited for his tactics.


Sergio Agüero’s move to Arsenal was never on the cards. But Manchester City’s interest in Arsenal superstar Alexis Sánchez may have opened the way to Arsenal. At this moment Alexis Sánchez’s most likely new club is Manchester City. But the problem is, Arsenal won’t sell to a Premier League rival. And it looks like there is no foreign club in the competition to sign Alexis Sánchez. So if Arsenal is unable to convince Alexis Sánchez to sign a new contract, he is sure to go to Manchester City. But Arsenal would want a big player in return and there would be no room for Sergio Agüero in City’s main starting eleven. So this transfer scenario is good for all and not that unrealistic as it looked at first.

Real Madrid:

Real Madrid has always wanted to sign Sergio Agüero. And if they lose both Álvaro Morata & Cristiano Ronaldo, then Sergio Agüero is sure to be their number one target. Because Sergio Agüero has all the ingredient to be one of the Galácticos. He is a household name with world class footballing ability. So he is more than capable to fill up the hole left by any superstar. And considering his complicated relation with Pep Guardiola, if Real need him they will absolutely have him.