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2024 Summer games

Probably one of the greatest honors a city might receive is the organization of Olympic games. There are no formal advantages, but hosting the Summer Olympics is particularly considered a great honor and a chance to host athletes from nearly every country in the world. On the financial side, Olympic games guarantee a significant income of revenue for the 15-day period, plus the chance to exclusively promote the city to wider audience, if necessary.

After London organized the Olympic games in 2012, we are very much looking forward to the 2016 Summer Olympics, ready to be hosted by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Rio will have the advantage to just build up the infrastructure from the 2014 FIFA World cup, so the costs could be reduced significantly. Tokyo was assigned to organize the 2020 event, which will be the second time this country will host Summer games, following 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo as well.

Financial elements are one of the most important topics to the 2024 campaign, as the organization of such reputation requires multiple investments and a huge change of infrastructure in the city. Although the bidding process and the candidates are yet to be announced, there are some cities that have already emphasized their intentions of hosting such an event. Some of them already experienced the interest of organizing 2024 games and here are the candidates.

It seems remarkable that France hosted the Summer Olympics only twice so far, with the last event being the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. After unsuccessfully bidding for 1992, 2008 and 2012 , with the late bid being highly close to London, but lost 54-50, Paris is set to try and make a bid for 2024 Olympics. The financial plan looks promising for starters and Paris already has a good infrastructure. After missing out in 2012, it is widely expected by the Olympic committee to have fixed some mistakes and improve on their bidding plan. Paris already made some moves for the sailing events, so they are taking this bid very seriously.

Another European city is aiming to bring the Summer Olympics back to their city. The last and only time Italy hosted the Olympics was in 1960 in Rome and the officials are now set to try and bid again. Rome actually considered bidding for 2020, but dropped out eventually. The interest was renewed shortly after, which gives us insight that they might have seen some mistakes in the original application and now want to rewrite it. Rome is the second city to Athens to possess that old Olympian spirit and it surely would be interesting to see this Eternal city host an even of such magnitude.

Germany’s last Olympic games came in 1972, when Munich hosted the event. Now, 42-years later, it appears that Hamburg is set to apply for the organization of the Summer Olympic games. Hamburg previously applied in 2012, but dropped out very early. Now it seems like Hamburg is set for a great campaign and it remains to be seen what can they do. With their location, plus the fact they never organized it before, Hamburg has a pretty good chance.

2024 Summer games - Host City - Who will it be?

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