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Men's 10 km sprint Biathlon Olympics 2018 Odds

Biathlon at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Who wins Men's 10 km sprint?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Martin Fourcade2.252.05
Johannes Thingnes Bø2.752.05
Tarjei Bø23.0015.00
Emil Hegle Svendsen26.0017.00
Simon Schempp26.0021.00
Anton Schipulin34.0026.00
Jakov Fak41.0034.00
Arnd Peiffer67.0041.00
Lukas Hofer67.0041.00
Benedikt Doll67.0051.00
Andrejs Rastorgujevs67.0067.00
Erik Lesser81.0034.00
Julian Eberhard81.0041.00
Dominik Landertinger81.0081.00
Alexandr Loginov101.00101.00
Dominik Windisch101.00101.00
Jean-Guillaume Béatrix101.00101.00
Matvey Eliseev101.00101.00
Benjamin Weger126.0067.00
Ondrej Moravec126.0067.00
Simon Eder126.0067.00
Michal Slesingr126.00101.00
Simon Desthieux151.0067.00
Fredrik Lindström151.00101.00
Maxim Tsvetkov151.00101.00
Quentin Fillon Maillet151.00101.00
Dmytro Pidruchnyi151.00151.00
Henrik L'abée-Lund151.00151.00
Michael Rösch151.00151.00
Serhiy Semenov151.00151.00
Tim Burke151.00151.00
Evgeniy Garanichev201.00101.00
Michal Krcmár201.00101.00
Lowell Bailey201.00151.00
Vladimir Iliev201.00151.00
Jesper Nelin201.00201.00
Anton Babikov251.00251.00
Sean Doherty251.00251.00
Klemen Bauer301.00301.00
Krasimir Anev301.00301.00
Nathan Smith301.00301.00
Serafin Wiestner301.00301.00
Jaroslav Soukup401.00401.00
Scott Gow501.00501.00

Biathlon at the 2018 Winter Olympics and men's sprint

By nature, sprint is an event that requires lots of stamina. Since it's an individual competition, the biathletes start in intervals and the men's track is 10 kilometers divided into three different distances. Every participant gets two opportunities to shoot at every stop. One in a standing position, and one in a prone position. The biathlete that misses the target has to ski an extra 150 meters before being able to continue to the next target. So it's naturally very important to keep focused.

When men's sprint is arranged during the 11th February at Alpensia Biathlon Centre in Pyeongchang, South Korea, it comes with great expectations. Not only due to the fact that the arena has been rebuilt for the upcoming event, but also since the competition will be fierce. With a total of 115 participating men, it's hard to say who will be the final winner.

The rifles being used are long rifles which should be no lighter than 3.5 kilograms, and they're usually weighed just above this limit. the clips can hold no more than 5 shots which are to be caliber 0.22 which equals 5,6 x 15 mm. The resistance for the trigger must be at least 0,5 kg. It might be interesting to note that the guns being used are of an American model, even though the sport originated in Norway.

Sprint has turned into one of the post popular events in biathlon. Much due to its unique structure and high level of adrenaline driven excitement. But also since winning sprint is considered to give a head start and pave way for an upcoming victory. So it's not unusual that people pay special attention to this event.