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Men's 15 km mass start Biathlon Olympics 2018 Odds

Biathlon at the 2018 Winter Olympics – Who wins Men's 15 km mass start?

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
Martin Fourcade2.652.65
Anton Schipulin6.006.00
Johannes Thingnes Bø6.006.00
Simon Schempp6.006.00
Dominik Landertinger26.0026.00
Emil Hegle Svendsen26.0026.00
Jakov Fak26.0026.00
Ole Einar Bjørndalen26.0026.00
Ondrej Moravec26.0026.00
Tarjei Bø26.0026.00
Erik Lesser41.0041.00
Simon Eder41.0041.00
Quentin Fillon Maillet51.0051.00
Anton Babikov67.0067.00
Benedikt Doll67.0067.00
Evgeniy Garanichev67.0067.00
Jean-Guillaume Béatrix67.0067.00
Andrejs Rastorgujevs81.0081.00
Arnd Peiffer81.0081.00
Julian Eberhard81.0081.00
Dominik Windisch101.00101.00
Lowell Bailey126.00126.00
Maxim Tsvetkov126.00126.00
Dmytro Pidruchnyi151.00151.00
Michal Krcmár151.00151.00
Michal Slesingr151.00151.00
Nathan Smith151.00151.00
Fredrik Lindström201.00201.00
Serhiy Semenov201.00201.00
Simon Desthieux201.00201.00
Simon Fourcade201.00201.00
Tim Burke201.00201.00
Benjamin Weger251.00251.00
Krasimir Anev251.00251.00
Vladimir Iliev301.00301.00

Biathlon at the 2018 Winter Olympics and men's mass start

Unlike the other events, all the participants start at once in mass start. This has several unique effects that to a certain extent affects the outcome of the entire Winter Olympics. Every single biathlete gets the opportunity to mitigate previous losses, and stamina becomes a much more important factor. Men's mass start has a fixed length course at 15 kilometers. The course is divided into five laps. Each contestant gets five opportunities to shoot. The first two shots are done in a prone position, and the second two in standing position. If the shooter misses the target, he has to perform an extra lap at 150 meters. So, a miss really lowers the chances of success. Whomever reaches the goal first becomes the winner.

A great difference between mass start and the other events is that mass start is quite hectic. Lots of skier compete on a small course. It's worth noting that mass start is the latest amongst the biathlon events. It wasn't until 2002 that it became a part of the Winter Olympics. But since then it has become a very popular event and lots of people consider it to be a chance for the skiers to even out the score. So if you're wagering on the outcome, you need to keep a close watch on the developments in mass start. Just like in the other events, the rifle must weigh at least 3,5 kilograms and be a 22 long rifle. No matter how you look at it, it's one of biathlons most exciting and adrenaline pumping events.