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Women's 30 km classical 2018 Olympics Odds

Who will win women's 30 km classical during the 2018 Olympics?

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Classical, or mass start, is by some considered to be one of the most dangerous event as far as long distance skiing goes. Mainly due to the fact that all athletes start at once, tightly packed in rows. This means that a skier must be able to perform at an instance in order to secure a good starting time. It's not uncommon the injuries to occur since they all begin skiing at once after the sound of a gun shot.

Whatever starting position an individual skier has depends upon whatever amount of points she manages to score during the previous events. In an interesting way, that means 30 km classic is sort of a culmination of whatever an athlete has put on the table during the Winter Olympics. Having both stamina and explosive strength is paramount to be able to secure a good time. Some spectators feel that the first few seconds are so important that the actual event is in actuality over before the skiers have passed the finish line. But whether or not this is true, we can't ignore how much of an effect explosive strength has on the outcome.

When it comes to pure explosive power, few countries have been as solid as Russia. But both Sweden and Norway are giving them a run for the money. In any case, it's really hard to predict the outcome of this event since there are so many variables that affect the outcome.

It's impossible to ignore the fact that Noway completely dominated the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. This has put lots of expectations on the country. And most people agree that Norway will be able to secure a medal during the 2018 Winter Olympics. But Poland, Finland and Russia have all been providing top athletes. So it's far from a sure shot.