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Online Poker UK

Poker is everywhere, from our grandparents' kitchen tables to casinos and public card rooms. It was inevitable that the popularity of the game would also sweep the Internet. Not only did poker become an instant hit on the first websites to offer it in the 1990s, but it grew into one of the world's most popular games to play online in the 2000s.

Growth of Online Poker

Thousands of players turned into millions of players seeking a place to play poker by the year 2003, in what is now known as the "poker boom." UK poker sites were at the front of the movement that saw droves of poker players take to the Internet to play their favorite game.

The notion of playing satellites online in order to win entries into major live tournaments was a new and exciting one to many players. And sites advertising online poker UK and in other countries showed everyday people becoming poker superstars by honing their skills on the Internet. Players everywhere wanted to improve their game and be a part of the boom.

UK Poker Sites

The world's largest and most popular poker sites are available to players in the UK, as it has been one of the markets showing the most growth and potential for the game - both live and online (PokerUpdate is covering UK poker sites like no other reviews site we’ve seen before).

Some of the most respected online poker UK sites are as follows:

  • 888poker: One of the world's largest online poker rooms, 888poker offers a 100% deposit bonus and frequent free cash promotions in order to start a player's bankroll.
  • Titanbet: Titan is part of the iPoker Network, which gives players promotions galore. There is always a top deposit bonus available, as well as cash bonuses for players.
  • PartyPoker: As one of the poker sites (UK) at the forefront of the Internet poker movement in the 1990s, it is no surprise that PartyPoker now offers a complete experience for every player, including numerous freerolls and promotions.

Notable UK Poker Players

With live cardrooms and access to top online poker UK websites, players based in the UK often rank at the top of the biggest money earners and popular players.

Some of the most recognizable players to hail from the region include:

  • Sam Trickett was a competitive footballer in his youth and took his competitive nature to UK poker sites, a challenge that paid off. The young man has earned more than $20 million in live tournaments to date, and he added more millions playing online poker from his UK home.
  • Liv Boeree was near the top of her class when studying and graduating with an astrophysics degree. She intended to do the same with poker and did that with coaching from players like Phil Hellmuth. She soared to nearly $3 million in live earnings and became a world-class online player, enough so to be sponsored by the largest online poker site in the world.