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Overwatch World Cup 2017 odds

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Preview

Get ready for the Overwatch Watch World Cup 2017 coming your way in November at the BlizzCon. Let's have a look at the top 8 qualifiers that will compete for the ultimate prize.

Shanghai Qualifier

China and France both dominated the Overwatch World Cup Shanghai Qualifier. Both teams were unbeaten throughout the run of the qualification. China in Group A won against Norway, Hong Kong, and Romania. While in Group B France beat Thailand, Denmark, and Argentina. In the playoffs, China dominated the runner-ups of Group B, Thailand with a 3-0 score. While France achieved the same result against the runner-up of Group A, Norway. That made China and France the first teams to qualify for the World Cup.

Sydney Qualifier

The next two teams to join China and France were Sweden and Australia. Both of these teams were placed in Group C, alongside Italy and Portugal. While in Group D we had Japan, Spain, Finland, and Vietnam. After the end of group stages, all the top four teams from each group had six points each. From Group C, Sweden and France qualified for Playoffs while in the latter, Japan and Spain moved to the next stage. In the playoffs, Sweden Beat Spain 3-0 while Australia barely beat Japan 3-2 to make it to BlizzCon.

Katowice Qualifier

South Korea was unstoppable in Group E. The team led by Saebyeolbe overwhelmed all opponents, giving only one point on Horizon in the match against Poland during the whole group stage and playing 23 heroes out of 24 available. They won the playoffs against Russia 3-0 to cement their spot in the World Cup. While from group F, Canada had a dominating run as they only tied a series to runners-up of the group, Russia. In the Playoffs, they beat Netherland 3-0.

Santa Monica Qualifier

The last step before Blizzcon came on end in LA with the conclusion of the Overwatch World Cup Santa Monica qualifier. After three days of battle in Los Angeles, the last two teams to pass the qualifiers were, without surprises, the United States and the UK. In the Playoffs, USA beat Taiwan while the UK comprehensively dominated Germany.

The two nationals have thus joined the list of already qualified China and France in Shanghai, Australia and Sweden in Sydney and South Korea and Canada in Katowice. After the Santa Monica Qualifier of the Overwatch World Cup, the real show has yet to arrive. Undoubtedly, only the strongest and most deserving formations (all of the top 12 in the world rankings) have come to the final stage of the tournament.

Prize Pool

Each of these qualified team not only secured the spot to the Finals but were also awarded $72,000 USD from the $360,000 USD prize pool.

The top 5 teams in the Finals will receive $9,000, while $1,500 USD will be granted to each participating player that plays for their country in the Blizzcon Finals.

It will be an awesome phenomenon at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 3rd to 4th.