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Kate Middleton Baby birth date

When will William and Kate's Third Child Be Born?

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and William respectively expect their third baby and the entire Royal family seems to be happy as they celebrate the news. Prince George and Princess Charlotte are already the children of the couples. There is a high probability that the couple's third baby will come during spring. The announcement was made sooner than expected especially after the Duchess experienced a slight sickness that made her cancel her visit to children's center in North London. The date of the baby's delivery is expected to be around March 2018 especially when the Duchess pregnancy is not yet up to three months.

Kate's previous pregnancies were announced before 12 weeks. This was as a result of an extreme form of morning sickness that she experienced. Even though she is being properly catered for at Kensington Palace, she will return to Lindo wing at the private delivery center, St Mary's hospital where her other two babies were given birth to. The world's media will gather outside the west London hospital few days before her expected delivery date.

The arrival of her previous babies attracted the royal fans and the world's media to London hospital where the babies were born. Her third pregnancy was announced on September 4 as she canceled her visit to London children's center as a result of her sickness. Her previous pregnancy was announced 8 September 2014 and Princess Charlotte was given birth to on 2 May 2015. Considering her similar morning illness, her delivery is forecasted to be late April or early May. There would be a clearer picture in the coming months as the Royals made their further announcement after their 12-week scan the last time.

The cause of her current condition is not known but it usually occurs in the late first and early second trimester and it causes vomiting, imbalance, and nausea. It was so serious that she had to cancel her engagement. Both Middleton families appeared to be happy since the royal family is well known for Sizeable broods. We just need to pray that the Duchess starts feeling better since Hyperemesis isn't easy to weather once but overcoming it three times makes this woman a hero.

No one has a definite idea if the baby will be male or female. People guessed right the last time when Kate was seen purchasing pink baby clothes meant for girls. The pregnancy announcement was made the same week that their eldest child was meant to start school at Thomas's Battersea, south London. She is suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum and this requires additional medication, nutrients, and hydration. The new baby will become the fifth in line to the throne. If the baby turns out to be a boy, the succession of Charlotte will be leapfrogged. Royal sons are considered over female siblings especially based on the male primogeniture.

The royal chose traditional names for the first two children and bookies odds predict Alexandra or Alice if the baby turns out to a girl, and James or Philip if the baby is a boy.