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San Marino's national selection for Eurovision Odds

SMRTV, the Sammarinese national broadcaster has announced today that circa 600 entries have been submitted for the 2018 Sammarinese national selection.

San Marino's first Eurovision participation was in 2008. Since then, the country has made it to the Grand Final only once, in 2014, when Valentina Monetta took to the stage for third consecutive time with the song Maybe (Forse).

San Marino has come up with a brand new innovative and ground breaking concept in order to select its Eurovision act and entry for Lisbon. SMRTV confirmed San Marino’s Eurovision participation last month and revealed its mechanism and project for Eurovision 2018.

The candidates that have submitted songs for the 2018 national selection come from five continents and includes both newcomers and established artists, spanning a range of musical styles. The deadline for submissions is 30th November.

All entries (for which videos were provided) will be published on the website of “1 in 30”, the London-based production company that San Marino's broadcaster RTV are collaborating with. The videos will also appear on YouTube. Candidates who submitted an audio file will be asked to re-submit their applications along with a video file. The public will be able to comment, like and share the performances on social media. In early December a shortlist of ten candidates for the live shows will be published.

A total of 7 shows will be will be broadcast on television and on the internet in January and February. 10 candidates will battle for the golden ticket to Lisbon in the national selection. 3 out of the 10 candidates can be wildcards selected by the broadcaster.

The show hosts have also been confirmed. It will be presented by Nick Earles and Kristin Stein. Nick may be familiar as the enthusiastic face of the promo videolaunching the national selection. Kristin is a Swedish/German actress based in London. Both are experienced presenters and — most importantly — are fans of Eurovision. Eurovision stars Måns Zelmerlöw and Zoë Straub have been listed as judges, along with UK radio host Dave Berry. Zoë’s father, Christof Straub is also involved in the national selection. While his role has not been confirmed, it’s thought that the acclaimed musician and songwriter may later be involved with writing a potential Eurovision entry for a selected act. Zoë can be seen in the trailer running at the top of the 1 in 360 web site.

The online search is a flashback to Switzerland’s previous search for Eurovision stars. Whilst that didn’t always result in a “quality” group of entries, San Marino may do one better.

With the power of the internet behind them, San Marino will hope to make the final for only the second time. And to be clear — there’s nothing to stop Valentina Monetta entering for a fifth time!

The 2018 Sammarinese national final is expected be held at the end of February with a total of 3 acts battling for the right to represent San Marino at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.