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Eurovision 2017 2nd semi final

The 2nd semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest is scheduled in less than a month, on 11 May in Kiev, at the International Exhibition Centre. The running order was revealed 2 months before the date the competition will take place in the Ukraine’s capital. Serbia is going to open this semi-final, Israel has the honour to end it while Macedonia will sing 3rd, Denmark 8th, Bulgaria 15th and Estonia 17th, those mentioned being just few of the favorites.

According to the initial draw, Russia was scheduled to sing in this semi-final, the running order seeing the country 3rd in the list. But, as it was revealed that the Russian singer Yuliya Samoylova is legally unable to travel to Ukraine due to the fact that she broke Ukrainian law, Russia has withdrawn in April from the contest quoting the incapacity of the European Broadcasting Union to give to the Russian national broadcast a certain answer if their act is going to perform in Kiev or not.  EBU got it’s proposal of cancelling the ban of Samoylova refused by the Ukrainian authorities and offered 2 options to Russia’s Channel 1: to select another artist to sing the same song “Flame is Burning” or to broadcast Russia’s entry by satellite. Both of the options were refused and Russia announced the withdraw 28 days before the semi-final.

Despite this big loss, the contest goes forward and the emotions start to feel bigger and bigger. The competitors already met each other in the pre-Eurovision events in London, Amsterdam, Israel, Riga and the official rehearsals will start in half a month. The withdrawal of Russia levels up the number of entries in both of the semi-finals to 18.

In Eurovision everything is possible but this semi-final seems to have few certain qualifiers which are also being rated with big chances of succedding Jamala in Eurovision winners list. Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Denmark, Bulgaria, Estonia and Israel will be going with high hopes to Kiev, aiming to reach the top 10 in the Grand Final. The countries ranked between the last when about qualifying to the final are Austria, Malta, Netherlands and San Marino. This semi-final is a mix of Eastern and Western European countries and it looks like almost every country has a ”friend” which will most probably give it few points. Estonia and Lithuania will both perform in the second half of this semi-final, Macedonia, Croatia and Serbia will exchange some points, Belarus and Bulgaria will help each other and will most likely also be helped by the votes from Ukraine. Austria will also be helped by Germany.

France, Germany and Ukraine are going to vote in this semi-final too. Advantaged by this fact look to be Austria, Switzerland, Belarus and Bulgaria. More than that, the fact that Russia is not in this semi-final anymore is a plus for the ex-Sovietic countries Belarus and Bulgaria, as well as the Eastern European countries Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia, countries that used to give Russia a high amount of points.

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