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Speedway World Cup Odds

Who wins the Speedway World Cup 2018?

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The Speedway World Cup 2018 Championships

Speedway World Cup Championships has been such an exciting tournament since its inception in 2001. This motorcycle racing sport attracts a huge global audience who love speedway. The event is usually held in two countries which are also participants in the competition. The competition lasts about a week and usually has four matches. It kicks off with two primary groups where each group should have four teams. Those who win in the two groups proceed to the finals. The runners-up have a race-off competition while the remaining participants get eliminated from the tournament.

Every year the event seems to gain new momentum. For the last sixteen years, the tournament has earned a worldwide audience with fans making comments on how exciting the event is. The tremendous increase in the number of fans was seen during the 2017 contest. Tickets were booked and bought in large numbers, and some fans even missed tickets.

Speedway world cup 2018

This event is speculated to be more interesting than any other speedway world cup championship ever held. One of the things worth noting is the effected changes that will be manifested in Speedway World Cup 2018. The last World Cup tournament held in Wroclaw brought in suggestions to do several amendments in the tournament. Through discussions involving the representatives of the seven participating countries, the following decisions were made;

The Joker

A number of suggestions and options concerning the Joker were brought on board. They included the following;

  • Removal of the chances of use of the joker without any changes on condition that a team is six points or more short of the leading team.
  • Permit the usage of the joker in the event the leading and the inferior teams are separated by eight or more points.
  • Finally was the option of totally doing away with the joker. This idea was championed by Hans Nielsen, the manager of Denmark's national team.

A decision was finally made. Starting with the Speedway World Cup 2018, the joker will be used by a team that is at least eight points behind the leading. This move is meant to make the event more friendly and inclusive especially to teams that lose.

The Reserve racer

In the past events, a reserve racer was not accepted. They were exceptionally allowed in the event the main racer was seriously injured thus could not continue with the tournament. Even at this point, the allowed reserve was supposed to be a junior. Proposals were presented to allow the use of junior or adult rider. After discussions between the representatives, a conclusion was finally reached. The Speedway World Cup 2018 will see the use of a reserve driver. The driver can either be a junior or an adult depending on a team's decision. It is worth noting that a reserve driver will however not enjoy the exclusive rights such as the principal riders.  Moreover, a reserve driver will not participate as a Joker or tactical reserve. This move is meant to discourage team managers from putting their team leaders in the reserve racers. This decision is a great boost to the participating teams as they will easily get a replacement in case their member has been injured.

The changes are expected to give the 2018 Speedway tournament a new face. The competition is expected to be tougher than ever with participating countries doing a lot of practice. Already, the eight 2017 top riders have booked their slots in the 2018 speedway championships. The rest will be nominated in due course. The calendar for the 2018 championships event is yet to be released, but the finals of the event are expected to take place in July 2018.

Rules that will remain unchanged in the 2018 Championships.

With exceptions of the initially mentioned changes, speedway world cup event will remain unchanged in 2018. All the rules that had been in place will remain as they were.

The brakeless bikes

Did you know that all the bikes used in the tournament do not have brakes? Well, this has been the practice in the event's history. The bikes boast of only one fixed gear and an engine capacity of 500cc. These engines run on pure methanol fuel and have an acceleration which is faster than that of formula one car. Just like it has been a tradition, expect these speedy bikes to entertain you during the event.

Same duration and heats

The final event is expected to take the usual one week with the same number of teams participating. The matches will also have a total count of twenty heats. This event is however expected to be more exciting due to the introduction of a new regulation to allow reserve racers. It will be more efficient to get through the heats without the fear of losing after a member has been injured.

Expect more surprises in the 2018 Speedway World Cup event. The new regulations are likely to energize the participating teams by a great deal. Poland is undoubtedly determined to defend its championship in the competition. Russia is probably sharpening its skills to carry the trophy Poland this time. All other participating countries are expected to be strong competitors in the coveted world event. Nobody will be ready to lose to their rivals. A stiff racing competition is anticipated right from the first heats to the finals.