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The Players of the 2016 WSOP Final

As the 47th year of the World Series of Poker is set to conclude with the Final November Nine to take place in Las Vegas, this year’s victory will be all the sweeter for that one champion who worked his way through the largest ever group of entrants numbering 6,737 back in July as the finals began. This year the nine finalists represent 5 countries and with the grand prize being $8 million USD, poker players and fans from around the globe are set to flock to the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where the event is set to take place.

Here is a rundown of the nine players who are competing for the championship of a lifetime and the prizes they are set to win. From online poker players to locals sitting around for a local match, players from around the world will enjoy the three day event in late October through the first of November.

The Prizes for the November Nine WSOP Final

This year because the entry fee tallied higher than normal due to the sheer number of entrants back in July, the ‘pot’ is bigger than average with the prizes being:

  1. $8,000,000
  2. $4,658,452
  3. $3,451,175
  4. $2,574,808
  5. $1,934,579
  6. $1,463,906
  7. $1,250,000
  8. $1,100,000
  9. $1,000,000

No matter how you look at it, those figures are sure to dazzle. And, with so much excitement building, the Rio is quickly booking up as are hotels in the vicinity because this is one of the most highly publicized years with one of the biggest assortment of entrants ever.

The 2016 November Nine and Their Respective Countries

This year there are five players from the United States, two of which hail from New York, with the other players representing Canada, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Spain. Following are the players and their respective countries listed by number of chips. Even so, it’s anyone’s guess who will come out as the 2016 champ!

  • Josephy, Cliff – Age 51 – 74,600,000 Chips (USA)
  • Qui Nguyen – Age 39 – 67,925,000 Chips (USA)
  • Gordon Vayo – Age 27 – 49,375,000 Chips (USA)
  • Kenny Hallaert – Age 34 – 43,325,000 Chips – (Belgium)
  • Michael Ruane – Age 28 – 31,600,000 Chips – (USA)
  • Vojtech Ruzicka – Age 30 – 27,300,000 Chips – (Czech Republic)
  • Griffin Benger – Age 31 – 26,175,000 Chips – (Canada)
  • Jerry Wong – Age 34 – 10,175,000 Chips (USA)
  • Frenando Pons – Age 37 – 6,150,000 Chips – (Spain)

For some, this was the first ever WSOP they attended and for others they have entered at least once before. Each has a different occupation, from an account executive for a retail chain (Fernando Pons) to a career poker player (Kenny Hallaert of Belgium). Each player also brings with him a unique perspective on the game and one that will ultimately lead him to the championship.

Check your local television listings to watch the game at home or get your travel tickets now to attend in person. Either way you will be a part of poker history in the making because each of these November Nine are winners of the largest ever WSOP earlier in the year with those 6,737 entrants each paying the required $10k to sit and play. With a game this big and this famous, it’s sure to be a memorable event, so make sure you don’t miss out.