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Tips For This Weekend's Premier League Matches

It’s a busy weekend for the Premier League this week with multiple games. Two of the games are not being televised, but that shouldn’t stop you placing bets on the outcome. Missing from matches recently are Manchester United and Southampton who were playing in the Europa League on Thursday. So, where will the league stand when these two teams return? Well, let’s look at some of the predictions on the web today.

Swansea V Man U

It’s entirely possible that Man United won’t see much luck or taste any victory this weekend, thanks to stiff competition from Swansea. That isn’t helped by the apparent personal problems of their manager. Jose Mourinho recently described his life as a disaster, and this seems to be affecting the team. They have lost four matches in a row and unfortunately the bad news does stop there. After winning only one of their seven matches in total, the Red Devils certainly appear to be in poor form.

Then again, Swansea isn't doing much better on the field, as it turns out. That’s in spite of the arrival of  Bob Bradley. Bradley was supposed to pull the team back up, but they haven’t had a single win since the season began. Many tipsters have suggested that Swansea is easy game for Manchester United. Swansea may well score a goal or two when the teams come head to head, but most bookies have United coming out on top. If you’re interested in placing a bet on this match, you could use the William Hill app. It’s fast and easy to use, making betting on the Premier League a piece of cake.

Hull City V Southampton

This match is expected to be a little more even sided compared to the former, but we still have a clear predicted winner. Southampton is expected to wipe the floor with Hull this weekend, according to sites such as Paddy Power. Why is this? Well, first we need to consider the fact that Hull City have lost their last six Premier League games and they aren’t expected to turn things around this weekend. Apparently, their manager is losing coaching staff to other teams, so it looks like Hully City is basically circling the drain.

Southampton might have lost their last game against Chelsea, but that was after a winning streak of five matches. As well as this, many spectators have noted that Chelsea was on top form with a killer strategy that helped them secure a victory. Southampton have also won the last three of their away games and will probably find Hull a nice confidence boost. If you bet on Southampton, expect a win this weekend.

Chelsea V Everton

A bigger game this weekend is Chelsea V Everton. We’re quite excited to see this one and the tipsters are suggesting Chelsea will win their fifth game in a row once the match kicks off on Saturday. As we already noted, Chelsea are on the back of winning their match against Southampton and will be eager to keep the ball rolling. Indeed Chelsea’s performance have many predicted that they are in the running to win the league as one of the top four contenders. Although, manager Antonio Conte certainly isn’t giving the game away. Conte seems far more focused on the upcoming game rather than the league table in a recent interview. It’s this type of thinking that will probably lead Chelsea to another win against Everton.

On the opposite side of the line, there’s Everton who just saw their winning streak come to a crashing end. Although they did win their next match against West Ham United, the struggling team weren’t able to put up much of fight. As well as this, historically, the blues just don’t travel well, and this puts them in a poor position for an away game.

That said, Everton fans should still get a few chances to cheer at the weekend. While Chelsea is expected to come out on top, both teams are predicted to score some goals. Everton is poised to put up a fight, even if Chelsea to get the upper hand and for most of the game the teams might seem evenly matched.

These are just three of the games you can bet on this weekend. There are a couple more with varied odds to win. Remember, there are plenty of betting apps you can use to support a team this weekend. We’ll find out on Monday whether these predictions were accurate and have a better idea of which team is poised to end the league as champions.