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Top slots of 2016

In these modern times, we’re busier than ever before and our days and hours are precious. For keen gamblers, that means a trip to the casino isn’t always possible but thankfully constant online access to exciting games via our PCs and mobile phones allow us all to play anytime, anywhere. For a fast fix or a quick distraction, you can’t beat the new generation of slots that are springing up daily in the palms of our hands, offering thrilling online slots with huge jackpots and video poker games. The great thing about online slots is that they can adopt almost any theme, and appeal to all tastes. So whether you’re an animal lover, a music fan or a sports follower, you’ll find a fun game to try out. Here are our top ten online slots for 2016.

Steampunk Nation

A bit of Victoriana, a hearty dose of industrial chic and a lot of metallic finishes… Steampunk Nation is a fun five-reel slot game with a progressive jackpot and free spins to boot.

Panda Manga

Typically brilliant Japanese graphics, plus a seriously cute panda give this game real eye-appeal. Another five-reel slot game, this one has 25 paylines and a mountain top temple that will activate a bonus feature…

The Big Lebowski

The film we all know and love has been transformed into a slot game! The characters are fab, the pace is great and the progressive jackpot isn’t bad either. Welcome back The Dude.

Derby Dollars

The horse-themed Derby Dollars is a trip to the races you’ll want to make again and again. Generously affording players chance after chance to win, this slot game has 5-reels, 20 paylines and a progressive jackpot. Watch out for the coin symbol – it could be your ticket to up to 25 free games.

Enchanted Garden

The Enchanted Garden is a magical land where unicorns, fairies and princesses in pink are the order of the day. Enjoy a random jackpot, a five-reel slot, 20 paylines and an air of sweet enchantment.

Football Frenzy

One for the sports fans, Football Frenzy will test your footwork to the max. This game has two impressive progressive jackpots and a double game mode too so the excitement just keeps building.

Coyote Cash

Anyone who loved the cartoon will love the slot game! That naughty coyote rushes like a lunatic here and there and it’s your job to help him win bags of precious gold.

Fruits of Monte Carlo

If you’re someone who likes the good old days, then Fruits of Monte Carlo is for you. A three-reel slot with a bonus roulette game, it has attractively simple and vibrant graphics, a pleasingly real coin drop, and a nostalgic feel. Three bank symbols will deliver the jackpot you’re looking for.

Guns N’ Roses

Crazy hair, a lot of leather and sweet guitar riffs are all to be found in this Guns N’ Roses tribute slot. Currently touted as the stand-out game of 2016, this one has fantastic graphics, an original soundtrack and a number of bonus rounds.

Fantastic Four

Marvel characters come to life in this entertaining game. The animation is strong, there are well-consider character features for those who know and love the originals and the jackpot is appealing.