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Year of Next General Election UK

Odd unit: EU | UK | US
2020 Or Later1.911.91

As of right now, we are more than three and a half years away from the official date of the next General Election in Britain; a date that is nearly but not quite set in stone.

According to standard British law, updated in 2011 to prevent chaotic and constant changes in government, Parliamentary elections are meant to be held every five years barring a no confidence vote (with some additional steps), or some other sort of circumstance that forces earlier polls.

While Britain is certainly going through some major political upheavals brought about by the summer Brexit Referendum, analysts and pundits are still refraining from suggesting that the odds are high for an earlier election than what is scheduled in May of 2020.

Few individuals currently think that internal party issues and Parliamentary disagreements will be enough to force out the current sitting government ahead of time, although there are rumors and rumblings that suggest a total refusal to carry out the terms of the Brexit decision may result in a domino effect that could topple Britain's leadership.

In this scenario, a situation allowed to spiral out of control (perhaps centering around finances and immigration quotas) could potentially lead to a vote of no confidence that would set in motion the steps needed to trigger an early trip to the polls.

At the moment, though, odds are rather high that 2020 will be the date which will see the next General Election in the Isles, although like betting on the next Parliamentary majority, trends, events, and factional infighting could bring about shifts and changes in probability.