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Majority in the next general election in UK

Overall majority in the next general election in UK?

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Odds And Probabilities Surrounding Majority In British Parliamentary Elections

Even though it's only late 2016, more than three and a half years until British men and women travel to the polls to determine the composition of Parliament, questions and speculations are already up in the air as to how events will turn out in May of 2020.

By this point in time, the events surrounding the Brexit decision will have already begun to bear fruit, with the possible confusion and chaos that may accompany this likely to stir the political pot even further than we can speculate at the moment.

For example, any attempts by the current British rulers, including Prime Minister Theresa May, to sabotage the Brexit Referendum may wind up backfiring through the rise of other figures and parties, including (sorry haters) Nigel Farage and UKIP.

Their stalwart emphasis on total independence from the European Union has already been proven successful in the run-up to last summer's vote, and could pay dividends in the event of the other parties dragging their feet on these issues.

At the moment, though, the polling conducted seems to show a strong show for the Conservatives to retain their Majority, with Labour lagging behind rather sharply, seemingly driven down by the feuds and infighting that has erupted due to the disagreements over Brexit, as well as by divisions between the traditional base of White working men and women and minority new voters.

Oddly enough, UKIP seems to be also dropping in popularity since Brexit; a trend likely fueled by the "retirement" of Nigel Farage, and the inability of the leadership to decide on a new head for their party.

When it come to odds, one can safely say that the Conservatives are an easy and Conservative (no pun intended) pick to place wages on, although as has already been said, shifts are almost guaranteed due to the volatility brought about by events both at home and abroad.

Just a few events, and one could witness the Conservative Majority evaporate to be replaced by a revitalized Labour, or even another Party catapulted by a rebellious electorate.

Those who decide to go with another Party should watch the news of Brexit, the outcome of elections on the European Continent, and the state of relations with an America ruled by President Donald J. Trump.