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Vidbir 2018

Ukraine will once again use their national final to select their next Eurovision entry.

UA:PBC have revealed that Vidbir will be used to select their Eurovision 2018 entry, with the support of Ukrainian company STB. This is the third consecutive year that Ukraine have opted to use this national final format. In 2016, Vidbir was used to select Jamala, who then went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest that year with her song “1944”. In 2017, the same format was used to select the host nation’s entry, O.Torvald.

Accompanied by dramatic music and plenty of images from Eurovision 2016 and 2017, the tv spot officially opens casting for the 2018 national selection.

UA:PBC and STB currently have a three year agreement which sees STB organise the countries selection process for the Eurovision Song Contest. Having started in 2016, STB and UA:PBC both broadcast the Ukrainian selection process, while STB produces the entire selection process. The agreement lowers the financial cost of UA:PBC’s participation in the contest, with the national broadcast paying only the participation fee and some costs associated with competing.

Eugene Filatov will be joining Jamala and Andreiy Danilko, aka Verka Serduchka, on the 2018 Ukrainian national selection jury panel. The 3 judges will be responsible to deliberate the 2018 Ukrainian Eurovision representative along with the public voting. Eugene is a well known Ukrainian composer, the founder of the Ukrainian band The Maneken and the the sound producer of ONUKA and The Elephants bands. Among the semi-finalists of the national selection, Eugene expects to see young ambitious artists: “The last few years have seen a rapid growth of new, promising and interesting music Ukraine. Every year we have more and more independent musicians who sound very good. I have very high hopes, I want to discover new first class artists.”

Serhiy Prytula will be hosting the Ukrainian national selection for the second time, having hosted this year’s Ukrainian Eurovision national selection.

STB has released the details for the national selection. The submission period for artists to submit their entries in their quest to represent Ukraine at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest opened on 10 October and will conclude on 15 January 2018.

Tayanna is back in the Ukrainian national selection to the Eurovision, and she wants all Eurofans to know. As announced by the singer on Instagram, her intentions appear to be pretty serious. Earlier this year, Tayanna made it to the grand final of Ukraine’s national selection with her intense ballad “I Love You”. It picked up top points from the jury in the grand final and was the fourth-ranked song in the televote. Under a photo of her holding her trophy for Breakthrough of the Year at the M1 Music Awards, Tayanna wrote, “This year, I decided again to try my hand at the Eurovision Song Contest. I will do everything that depends on me to represent Ukraine at the competition in Portugal.” Y’all, she is serious!

There is no odds on Ukraine’s selection for Eurovision 2018 yet.