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Eurovision Song Contest 2017

Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is scheduled to take place in a location which is yet to be revealed as 3 of the biggest cities of Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa) are doing the best to get the honour of hosting the contest that has been brought to the East Europen country for the 2nd time in history.

As of the end of July, 14 countries have joined the party (Armenia, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, France, Germany, Ukraine, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Belgium, Ireland and Estonia) while another 10 countries (Austria,Greece, Montenegro, Hungary, Israel, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain) confirmed by media their participation but still, not an official announcement yet. Still, all the countries members of European Broadcasting Union are able to join the party but they have to confirm that to the EBU by the end of September-the beginning of October.  As of now, Australia did not receive the invitation to the contest in 2017 but it is very likely to be invited to the ESC for the 3rd year in a row.

Talking about bettings, the bookmakers are not taking their break as summer used to be known as the ’’Eurovision Off-Season’’. For example, bets can be placed now for the cities which are still in the race for hosting the big event of next year.  Acording to, Kyiv has the biggest chances to host the 62nd edition of Eurovision Song Contest with a betting odd of 1.3 while Dnipro and Odesa are considered to be very far of receiving the honour to host, both having a betting odd of 6. For the ones who believe in miracles, Kherson is still being shared with a betting odd of 102 but, as mentioned, this city is not anymore in the official dates. More than that, after Australia has became an competitor in the last few years, many countries are expected to receive an invitation for the big..European event.  The favorites to extend the number of non-European countries which participates in the contest are, according to the bookmakers are Kazakhstan,with a betting odd of 2, China with a betting odd of 5 and USA with an 8. Furthermore, European lands Kosovo and Faroe Islands are also hoping to participate oin their own next year, Kosovo having a 15 betting odd while the Dannish teritory has a 13 one but the chances for Kosovo and Faroe Islands are inexistend as both don’t have a national broadcaster member of the EBU.

The predictions for the winner of the contest are early to do as very few countries have revealed informations about the selection format. As of now, only Estonia, Switzerland and Finland scheduled a preliminary date in which their national finals take place. On the other side, there are few countries which already revealed few infos about their selection: Ukraine,  Slovenia, Albania, Armenia,Switzerland.

For impatiently Eurovision fans, here are our recomandation about countries which promise a lot for their 2017’s entry:

  • Ukraine

The hosting country will be opening songs submissions on 1st September and they are really looking for a new Ruslana or a new Jamala which would give them big hopes to host the contest again in 2018. More than that, an another entry based-on politics is not excluded.

  • Portugal

After not showing up in 2016, Portugal is one of the big hopes of 2017 as has already been releaved that Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister is interested in taking part in the Portuguese national selection.  We strongly hope that the fame of the football player may help Portugal winning the contest for the very first time.

  • Slovenia

The Slovenian national television announced that they will adopt again the format that they used in 2011 when Maja Keuc represented the former-Yugoslavian country and her entry was really liked by the public at that time.

  • Belarus

A comeback is expected from Belarus in 2017 because Alyona Lanskaya, the sexy singer who wave Belarusian flag in 2013 in Malmo has announced that is getting ready to go to Ukraine next year.

  • Spain

Ruth Lorenzo, Spain’s singer in 2014 said yes when was asked about plans to partcipate in 2017. Ruth definitely gained a lot of apreciation from ESC lovers after her stunning performance of  ’’Dancing in the rain’’ in Copenhagen 2 years ago.

Of course, there are many others countries which usually send powerful entries such as Norway, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Greece, Serbia or Latvia.