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Why do I play slots? It’s about stress relief!

If you’re like me, almost every day when you get home after work you jump into your favorite comfy clothes, sit in front of your computer and play slots. Slots are maybe not the best video game you can find on the web - they don’t have flashy graphics, they don’t require logics and they won’t exercise your brain. Neither you will become a noble knight in a fantasy world. But still there is something that pulls you to it, whether you play slots just for fun or for money.

Of course there may be better activities for stress relief but not everyone can afford to go to gym, swimming pool or to play tennis.  Also, it depends what type of job you have. If you’re not sitting at the computer at work for 8 hours, why wouldn’t you allow yourself to play slots and make it both your pastime and stress relief training. For me it works. Even when I get home I don’t have much time to lose because I also want to spend some quality time with my family. So I cannot afford playing some serious video games like RPGs. I don’t want to spend a few hours of my day on it and become even more frustrated because of it. My wife luckily understands that when I come home I need to unwind from everything that occupied my mind during the day. You can say that time for playing slots is my time. My sacred 15 minutes or an hour or two depending on how bad the day was. Even if it was a good day it became some sort of a routine, a way to reset and start the second part of the day that I enjoy most with a fresh mind.

Of course sometimes I play just for fun and sometimes I put some money on the table. There are great bonuses and on some websites where you can play slots, you can receive 100 free spins just by email subscription. It can bring some more excitement - the possibility to win or lose a few dollars. But it is not necessary. Just the thrill of winning can be enough sometimes and for me just looking at the pokies has calming effect.

So if you’re not the cross fit kind of a guy and you want to save your time for things (and people) that are more important in your life, you can try to play slots and forget about whatever is occupying your mind in just 15 minutes. Try it out, it works for me!