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Why would top UK casinos offer bonuses?

One may ask why would the top online casinos offer casino bonuses if they are already at the top. In addition to that, these websites have a lot of players and giving free bonuses to each and every one of their visitors would mean spending a lot of money. Giving away the money is something that only new casinos do for their promotion. It’s a well known and effective way to drive more traffic to their website and also push people to change their habits and try something new. Why would anyone change his routine and favorite games for some new website if the bait of free casino bonuses is not offered. Surely, someone can get bored of the same games but even this is cannot actually be the case. Top casino websites have 99% of the games that smaller and less known websites do. These websites are always updated and innovative when it comes to variety of games offered.

So why do they still do it? The simplest answer would be that casino bonuses are means to keep people who came for the first time to stay a bit longer and hopefully come back. Also, they are a way to keep their existing customers involved and give them some kind of rewards for their trust. The money invested eventually comes back and the bigger the website is, it has more money to invest. Only a few players will actually profit, most people play for fun and the money given to them will quickly go back to the pockets where it came from.

One of the main reasons to give away casino bonuses is the creation of a so called “friendly bond” between a user and a casino. By getting casino bonuses users develop a certain connection with the website. Although the bonuses are given to everyone, every user will feel this as a personal thing between him and the casino, something he earned but also a gesture of good will from the other side. We should also not forget the possibility that users will expect this kind of prizes in the future. That kind of hope will surely keep them coming back.

As we see there are many reasons for even the top UK, or any other casinos to offer free casino bonuses and that’s good news because it is a great thing for both players and websites. A win-win solution. Users get free money and websites build trust and keep their customers happy and happy customers will come back and spend even more money. So even if you’re a natural skeptic when it comes to anything that is free, that is not the reason not to enjoy these casino bonuses. Yes there is a small catch, but in the end it is just good and effective marketing and if you’re going to play anyway you might as well use these bonuses for your benefit.