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4 Food Ideas For Your Melbourne Cup Day Party

There are plenty of things which define Melbourne Cup Day - the racing, the glamour, the cocktails - but one which is typically less spoken about is the food. But with so many households around the country hosting all day-long events, what you’ll serve your guests is of paramount importance, and the below Melbourne Cup party food ideas should definitely give you some food for thought - so to speak.

1. Pulled pork sliders

Sliders, or mini burgers, are ideal for any party. A meal disguised as finger food, these are easy to serve and eat, and can be picked at by guests at their own leisure. Exactly what sort of sliders you opt for is something which can be altered depending on your tastes, but pulled pork sliders are generally a hit with most people. Combine your pulled pork with a little bit of garlic and paprika, pop in some coleslaw, and of course, don’t forget the rolls or you’ll be in for a major clean-up once everyone leaves.

2. Party pies and sausage rolls

Sure, the Melbourne Cup is supposed to be a fancy event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go back to the basics - after all, we’re all human, and who doesn’t like a few party pies or sausage rolls throughout the course of a long afternoon? There are multiple advantages to this idea: for starters, they are delicious, but they are also great for kids and adults alike, and extremely easy to cook - you can easily buy pre-made versions which simply need to be reheated in the oven, or you can make your own, which is a little more time-consuming but still fairly straightforward.

3. Greek salad

As much as many of us would love to, unfortunately we can’t spend our afternoon eating pulled pork sliders, party pies and sausage rolls without expecting to fall into a serious food coma by the time the Melbourne Cup rolls around. A salad of some variety is a must to balance things out, and a Greek salad is a light and easy choice. All you need is tomato, cucumber, onion, feta and olives, and you’re away, and with the temperature likely to be on the warm side at this time of year, this refreshing salad will undoubtedly be a hit with the guests.

4. Anything that goes on a barbecue

As mentioned, the Melbourne Cup falls during a time of the year in which the weather is typically beginning to warm up, and particularly in the southern states, people are desperate to get outside and soak up the sun. Anytime sun and socialising is combined in Australia a barbecue is invariably involved, and Melbourne Cup Day is the epitome of just that. Stock up on your steaks, sausages, and don’t forget something for the vegetarians, and you’re ready to get the tongs out and start grilling.

Melbourne Cup Day is one of the most social days of the year, whether you’re heading to Flemington or watching on at home. Households around the country are filled to the brim with guests, and if you happen to be the host of one of these gatherings, you’ll need to plan what you’re going to feed the attendees throughout the course of what is a long day. Finger foods are the name of the game while barbecue foods are inevitable and salads are a must, so keep this in mind when you’re organising your Cup Day menu.