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5 Surprise Players That Can Win the World Snooker Championship in 2017

The Rugby Union Six Nations is now in full flow and if you haven’t got your bets on for the winner already, you can pick your winner for 6 Nations 2017 and place a bet on William Hill's site! There is another big sporting event coming up in April, though, if you’re too late for the rugby and that is of course the famous World Snooker Championships. If you are looking to bet on the World Snooker Championship 2017, you can never look past the favourites such as Ronnie O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, and Neil Robertson when it comes to big snooker tournaments, but there are several players listed below that have the potential to win it from under their noses.

1. Mark Williams

It’s debateable whether Mark Williams still has the quality to win big tournaments but as he is experienced, it’s hard to count him out of the running. If he plays his own game and plays well throughout the tournament there is no reason why he doesn’t have the skill set to see out games and have a chance of winning the tournament. Mark Williams lets the game get to him sometimes and you can see that clearly from some of the ridiculous shots he takes, but if he can hold it together this year he should be considered as a contender for the title.

2. Mark Allen

Mark Allen looked like a cracking prospect for snooker going back a few years, but he has since lost his game slightly and hasn’t done much with his cue. Going back 5 or 6 years ago, he was the player to beat thanks to his shooting game and he could even give the likes of John Higgins a competitive match. In recent months, he hasn’t been at the top of his game but if he gets a bit of practice in and concentrates on playing the game he knows he can play, there is no reason why he can’t win the tournament.

3. Ryan Day

Ryan Day is another player that has the quality to win tournaments but sometimes lets his temperament get the better of him. He looks like he wants to murder someone when he’s playing snooker sometimes, but that doesn’t mean he can’t beat the top players on his day. The bloke has masses of quality and if he brings it to the table in April, he could be a strong competitor. Ryan Day is available to bet on for ridiculous odds of over 100/1 going into this tournament which makes it excellent value for money especially given the quality he has.

4. Ali Carter

It’s surprising to see Ali Carter available to win the World Snooker Championship in April for whopping odds of 50/1, as he truly has the quality and experience to beat the big players. Ali Carter is yet another player that has lost his way a bit in recent years but he could be one of the surprise packages to walk away with the trophy.

5. Peter Ebdon

At 46 years of age, you can get Peter Ebdon to walk away with the tournament at a massive 350/1. He won the tournament back in 2002 and the chances of him winning it again are slim, but you can’t count his knowledge and experience out of the game just yet. If he manages to qualify and get into the rounds there is no reason why he doesn’t have a chance, and at odds of 350/1, he’s surely worth putting a couple of quid on.

With Ronnie O’Sullivan winning the Masters it would suggest he is playing brilliant snooker, but the above players could win it if they play their games and get a bit of luck on their side. We have seen over the years how anything can happen in snooker and looking at the above players’ odds could suggest they are great value for money.