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5 Weird Slot Machine Superstitions

Image Source: Pexels


Gamblers can be a pretty superstitious group, including adamant slot players. There are plenty of superstitions held by players - many of which don't have much merit. In this blog post, we're going to look at the most common to see if they either help you win big or contribute to massive gambling duds. 

Standing Up

If you've played any video game, you know that standing up makes the game easier to play as you're more alert. However, unlike other gamers, slots players have different reasons for not taking their seats while playing slots. Some players believe that if the slot machine knows you're comfortable, it's less likely to payout. This idea came about because comfortable patrons are less likely to move to other machines.

This isn't true - standing up won't affect your winnings whatsoever. Each spin of the slot machine is a random event, so the only thing that affects winnings is if the casino staff manually changed the odds.

New Slots Improve Your Odds

One of the most prevalent slot machine superstitions is that new online slots provide better payouts as a way to entice new customers to try them. This is one of those superstitions that's encouraged by casino staff because it increases the likelihood a patron will participate in the new game. However, according to multiple websites, including, no slots are rigged and are subject to strict standards that ensure fairness across all games in the casino.

Although all slot games will be 100% legitimate in licensed casinos, this doesn't mean they won't provide incentives in other ways. For example, casinos will offer prompts or generous bonuses to play new games such as free spins or matched betting.

Slots Are More Likely to Payout After Multiple Losses

A widely held superstition is that slots that haven't paid out in a while will eventually payout if you keep playing. However, a crash course in statistics will tell you otherwise. Let's use dice as an example: every 6 sided die has a ⅙ chance to land on any of its faces. If you roll the dice and get a 5, the chance you'll get a 5 again resets to ⅙. It doesn't become ⅕. Slots are precisely the same; the odds reset every single time you play.

A slot machine's random nature means that the machine never owes you anything, and staying longer will not guarantee a payout will happen. Winning streaks and losing streaks are entirely determined by luck.

Don't Use a Players Club Card

Brick and mortar casinos have player cards that frequent members can receive. They bring you multiple benefits, such as bonuses, discounts, and other awesome perks. Certain slot players believe that it's a bad idea to use your card during play because it reduces your chance of winning. There's an idea that the casino staff tracks your winnings, and if you're winning too much, the casino will stop you from doing so.

While it's true, the casino operators can see how much you're winning; they can't fix the slots or adjust payouts. All slot machines use a random number generator to ensure fairness, and they cannot stop you from winning.

Lucky Charms

Lucky charms are a common sight on the casino floor. Since slot machines require a lot of luck to hit the jackpot, you'll likely see a lucky rabbit's foot, horseshoe, a family photo, or statues of religious figures resting on the machines. People put their faith in a wide variety of objects because there's a belief that they will receive good fortune if they wish upon them. However, there isn't any scientific backing behind this.

While that is true that no lucky charm will improve success, it's not really a cause of concern. Wishing to win, even if it's on behalf of an object, is completely harmless and often adds to the enjoyment of playing slots.