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6 most popular sports in the UK

People in the UK consider sports essential to their culture. Many British traditional sports, even the ones older than two centuries, are still popular today. 


Sports is an integral part of UK culture, with many of its people partaking in various sports activities, including attending games in stadiums and sports betting at some of the top UK casinos

Certain sports are considered “traditional” in the UK due to their long histories in the region.  Even though the following sports have been around for years, they still have large and dedicated fanbases. Some of the most popular ones are as follows.


People in the UK enjoy football, whether as spectators or players. Most British people, men or women, watch football games during the season. Millions of football fans go to stadiums to watch domestic leagues annually. Some also choose to stream at home for convenience as many British networks offer an extensive option of football broadcasts.

There, people also play football routinely, either casually or professionally. Local teams are constantly searching for fields to play and the sales of football gear grow every year.

The UK takes great pride in its domestic teams. It has many prominent teams with long histories, such as Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. England’s Premier League, in which 20 top UK clubs compete for the trophy, is still one of the most popular leagues worldwide since its establishment in 1992.

Sports betting also adds to the enjoyment of the football season in the UK. Fans will support their favourite teams by betting on their victory.


Cricket is a UK sports tradition that traces back to the 18th century, regarded as one of the national sports. Although cricket does not have widespread popularity globally, it is still one of the most followed sports in the UK. The UK also introduced cricket to other countries, including India, where the sport has become very popular too.

Every year, cricket attracts millions of watchers in the UK. Games usually take place in the summer season. Many people are willing to attend games in person even though certain cricket formats may take hours to conclude.

The T20 World Cup is one of the most famous international events in the cricket scene, especially since the T20 format raises in popularity these years because of the fast-paced game playing and shorter game duration. British fans anticipate this cricket event every two years, especially since the national team is one of the leading teams in international cricket.

Although international cricket games are highly anticipated, domestic cricket events are by no means unpopular. The County Championship, organised by the England and Wales Cricket Board, is a popular event that draws in local fans yearly.

Horse Racing

The UK is considered a hub for horse racing. It hosts a variety of major events yearly, including the Royal Ascot, Aintree Grand National and Cheltenham Festival. Understandably, some of the most notorious jockeys on the international horse racing scene come from the UK.

People love this sport because it is thrilling. Races are fast-paced and end quickly. Because of that, the sport garners the attention of many people in the UK, with millions of British people tuning in for live broadcasts. 

Meanwhile, those who attend horse racing events in person do so not only because of their love for the sport. Events like the Royal Ascot are part of the high-society social events where attendants must follow certain dress codes.

Betting is the highlight of horse racing festivals. Although horse race betting turnover in the UK has decreased over the years, it still contributes billions of pounds to the country’s gross domestic product annually.


Rugby remains one of the most popular team sports in the UK, even if the number of active players has declined slightly in recent years. Like cricket, British people consider rugby as one of the national sports. The sport is also famously known to be a main influence on American football.

There are several international rugby events that UK fans anticipate, such as the Six Nations, European Champions Cup and World Cup. Locally, there is also the famous Premiership Rugby Cup. 

Televised games in these top events can attract millions of viewers throughout the season. Some fans may choose to attend games in the stadiums, but the attendance figure is lower than other more popular sports, like football.

Regardless, the UK still dominates international rugby. National teams of England, Scotland and Wales frequently win in international events.


The modern golf that we know today originated in the 15th century in Scotland. The sport was most popular among aristocrats in the past, although it has been more widespread now.

Golf has nearly reached the level of popularity of football and cricket in the UK in recent years. Interestingly, the game became even more popular during the height of the pandemic. It is likely because the game is still enjoyable either by individual or group players.

This sport is an important part of many social events in the UK, especially for the upper-middle class, just like horse racing. However, unlike horse racing, people can actively participate in the game instead of just watching golfers from the sidelines. There are various amateur golf events worldwide that non-professionals can join.

There are numerous annual golf events that UK people enjoy. The UK’s Open Championship is the oldest golf tournament in the world and is considered one of the most prestigious too. US Masters and the PGA Championship are popular as well.


Since its introduction in the 1800s, tennis popularity in the UK does not wane. Instead, there have been more people actively playing tennis in recent years, including young children. The sport is not only enjoyed by the high society as people from lower socio-economic backgrounds also participate in it.

England hosts one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, Wimbledon. This annual tournament is held in the summer season, usually starting in late June or early July. Players from various countries compete to win the Wimbledon Cup and the sizable monetary prize.

Wimbledon can attract millions of viewers worldwide. Most of its games also draw in in-person spectators, especially during the semi-finals and finals.

In the UK, tennis betting is highly popular. People bet not only on UK-based tournaments but also on other international tournaments that people follow like the French Open, US Open and Australian Open.