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800 metres women World Championships 2019

Who wins 800 metres women?

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Caster Semenya posts another win despite difficulties

The SA athlete extended her undefeated streak of 4 year in the 800m race on Sunday, after she won at the Diamond League meet at Stanford University.

She clocked at 1m:55.70s, 3s ahead of her US rival, the fastest ever on American soil by a woman, extending her dominance that is under threat from new IAAF rules governing testosterone levels in female athletes.

Since May, it was the first time Caster ran in the 800m, in all this time she could not participate as she lost her court challenge against the IAAF rules mentioned above, the rules bans her from taking part in distances less than a mile, unless she control her testosterone levels through medication.

However, her luck smiled upon her when the ruling was put on hold by Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland after she appealed. Thus allowing her to compete until a final decision in her case.

If the court eventually upholds the earlier Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling, the SA athlete will be forced to comply with the IAAF rule that is either take medication, or switch to longer events.

As said earlier, she has been unbeaten in the 800 metres since Sept '15, including thirty consecutive victories in major finals.

Talking to media persons, Caster said she will not take part in the upcoming World Championships if she loses to the IAAF in the court of law even though she is allowed to compete over longer distances.

She accused IAAF of using her body “as a human guinea pig experiment” by forcing her to take the drugs to control her hormone levels which continue to make her feel sick, she further said that nobody knows what will be the health consequences of taking these drugs which will be forced upon other female athletes too.


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