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A Guide to the Best Sports Betting Apps on Android

Android has now become one of the most popular operating systems used for running smartphones across the world. So, bookmakers have all the good reasons to create betting applications that allow betting on Android mobiles. If you are the proud owner of an Android device, then you will be happy to find the multitude of wagering apps available out there.

Good bookmaker apps not only allow you to place bets on a variety of sporting events, but you can also watch your match live on your handset absolutely for free. They also give you access to live scores, league tables, statistics, results, team news, upcoming fixtures, etc. So, as a sports bettor, you are now served with a huge variety of cutting-edge mobile sportsbook apps.

Betting apps let you place real wagers from any place, as long as you have an Android device and a sturdy internet connection. They effectively turn your Android phone into a sportsbook within seconds!

Why Consider Sports Betting on Android Mobiles?

There are several reasons why bettors use mobile sports betting apps to gamble for their sports match. Here are a few:

  • Whether you want to bet over football or horse racing, you can do that conveniently from any place at any time using your smartphone.
  • Mobile apps look great, because of which betting becomes enjoyable and entertaining.
  • Some apps have a user-friendly interface that even a beginner can use without any problem.
  • They offer live streams of all sporting events.
  • You can place the bets and also deposit or withdraw money through your smartphone.
  • Some apps have the option of no deposit bonus, with which you can place free bets and win real money.
  • Good apps allow you to wager on a variety of sports.

Best Features to Look for in Sports Betting Apps

Before you download and choose a sporting betting app on your Android phone, here are three of the best features you must look for:

  1. Live Streams: Once you place your bet, the app must allow you to watch the match live on your phone without any extra charges.
  2. Automatic Alerts: With automatic alerts, you will never miss a profitable opportunity in betting, as you will receive alerts whenever your favorite player, team, or horse is competing.
  3. In-Play Betting: This feature allows you to do live betting during sports events.

Other Factors to Consider Before Downloading a Sports Betting App

Deciding which sports betting app to download is not simple. There are thousands of apps on Google Play Store, offering different levels of services, features, quality, and safety. Here are a few factors that deem to be the most significant in making the final selection.


While betting on Android mobiles, ensuring your safety is of utmost importance for a quality experience. In terms of betting, security means assurance that your hard-earned money is safe, your bets are honored, and you are not put at any kind of risk. The app that you choose should take security seriously.


It's always lucrative to choose an app that gives free money to place your bets. While don't completely rely on apps that are solely based on bonuses, it's advisable to look for them while calculating rankings. Apart from that, the bonuses they offer should be easy to clear, cover different sports, and be available for bettors on all levels.

Payment Options:

An app that does not allow you to move your money from one place to the other easy would be worthless. It should allow instant deposits and fast cash withdrawals. The best sports betting apps offer safe, secure, and high-quality banking options.

FAQs You May Have Regarding Betting Apps

  • My favorite betting app is not available on Google Play?  How can I download it now?

At present, Google does not allow any uncertified gambling involving real money, including non-regulated online casinos, betting apps, lotteries, gambling, cash games, etc. As long as the betting platform is regulated by a Gambling Commission and certified, it can be available in Google Play and it also depends on the region. However, some gambling companies allow you to download their app directly from their site in .apk format.

  • Is it safe to use a sporting betting app on public Wi-Fi?

It can be unsafe to share your financial or personal information over a public Wi-Fi connection. But a reliable app will encrypt any information that you transmit from your phone, after which your data is allowed to securely flow through.

  • My Android phone is quite old. Can I still download and bet through a bookmaker app?

Of course. Not everyone has the latest Android model, but this must not negate your ability to use the best sports betting apps. Just find an app that is compatible with your phone, and start using it full-fledged.

So, here is a guide to betting on Android mobiles. Choose an app with the best of features and a robust security system. Only then will you be able to enjoy and gain from your betting sprees.