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A Take on Current Sports Events

Besides their obvious entertainment value, sports are a good way for the participants to cultivate important social and humanistic values, such as teamwork, perseverance, focus and concentration, fair play and patience. At present, there are hundreds of varieties of sports being played across the world. Players interested in both online gambling and sports can take advantage of the sports betting games, such as wish upon a jackpot free play, found in online casinos. 

The World of Basketball

Basketball was invented by a gym teacher James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States, and has today become one of the most popular sports in the world. In terms of talent, competition, and popularity, the National Basketball Association is one of the most important professional basketball leagues in the world. 

The game comprises of two teams having five players each and is played on a rectangular court. The objective of the teams is to shoot a basketball through the hoop on the defender’s side, which is mounted on a high backboard at the end of both sides of the court. At the same time, they will have to prevent the other team from making a score through their own hoop. A team wins two points for a field goal and three points when it is made from beyond the three-point line. When a foul is committed, the timer stops, and the fouled player is given one or more free throws worth one point. At the end of the game time, the team with the highest score wins. In case of a tie, an extra overtime game period is given. 

A Peek into the Current Events

  •  The inaugural season of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) will begin from March 13. The jerseys for all the 12 teams participating in the league were revealed on Saturday. The outfitting for six of them included brands such as Nike and Jordan.  BAL, organized by the FIBA and the NBA, is the first professional league hosted outside North America by the NBA. The 12 teams will be made up of teams from Mali, Cameroon, Madagascar, Rwanda, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Mozambique, Algeria, Angola, and Tunisia. 
  •  The eight finalists announced by the Hall of Fame on Friday included stars such as Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett, and Kobe Bryant. These had 48 All-star nods among them. Each of the players is still required to win 18 votes from a panel comprised of 24 members before they can become Hall of Famers.

From the Frontiers of Boxing

Boxing is a form of combat sport that involves two players throwing punches at one another while wearing protective gear during a fixed period of time inside a boxing ring. In both Commonwealth Games and Olympic Sports, Amateur boxing is a standard event that has its own championships. The game takes place in intervals of one to three minutes during which the actions of the players are overseen by a referee. 

A winner can be determined before the end of a round when a referee decides that an opponent is unable to continue fighting, has resigned or has been disqualified. If the opponents are still standing at the end of the fight, the scores put forth by the judges will determine the winner. In case the scores placed by the judges are equal, it will be considered a draw if the game if a professional bout. However, a winner must necessarily be declared for Olympic boxing, for which the judges decide on a winner based on technical criteria.  

Humans have always been fighting hand to hand since the beginning of antiquity. The earliest instance of fist-fighting contests were recorded during the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC in the ancient Near East. Boxing was established as an Olympic game in 688 BC in Ancient Greece. It evolved from the fights involving prizes in 16th and 18th century Britain, which was followed by the beginning of modern-day boxing in the mid-19th century. 

A Peek into the Current Events

  •  After the comments made by Tyson Fury regarding the location of the potential fight between them, Anthony Joshua has reacted with a certain scepticism. As suggested by the ‘Gypsy King’, the two Brits would be fighting in Las Vegas, but Eddie Hearn, AJ’s promoter had said that it is most likely to be held in Saudi Arabia. Joshua, according to Pep Talk UK, responded that the location won’t get in the way of a mega-fight. 
  •  There is no clear frontrunner for the options Canelo would go for, even though it is 11 weeks to go for the Cinco De Mayo. The first offers made by Golden Boy to face Canelo have been rejected by Billy Joe Saunders and Callum Smith. It is most likely that Callum Smith would be the preferred choice since he had won the Super Middleweight Super 6.

From the Domains of Tennis

Tennis is a racket sport that can be played in singles and doubles, that is, one on one player or two or two players. The players use a tennis racket to hit a hollow rubber ball around a net so that it reaches the opponent’s court. The objective of the player is to deliver the ball in a way that prevents the opponent from making a proper return, in which case the player who is unable to deliver the ball will not win a point but the opponent player will. 

This Olympic sport is played by individuals belonging to all ages and from all sections of society. It can also be played by disabled individuals in wheelchairs since all they need to do is to hold a racket. The modern version of the game has its origins in the 19th century in Birmingham, England, in the form of lawn tennis. The game shared close relations with other field games like bowls and croquet and real tennis, the older version of the racket sport.

A Peek into the Current Events

  •  Gael Monfils overcome Filip Krajinovic for the second week in a row during the semi-final ATP Tour championship match. On Saturday, Monfils reached his third ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament final by landing 35 winners and moving past Krajinovic. He is just a win away from becoming the first man since Robin Soderling in 2011 who had won at Rotterdam Ahoy back to back trophies. 
  •  Andrea Petkovic, who recently underwent surgery in her left knee, spoke about the attitude of professional players towards racism. According to her, professional tennis players are like role models, and therefore, they should always take up a position that is against any form of racism. 

Final Thoughts

Sitting through an interesting sporting event is not only a thrilling activity, but also participating in it through online gambling. Gambling and sports connoisseurs will find amazing sports betting titles in casinos online and through which they can earn big bucks.