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Abu Dhabi GP odds – Odds at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Which driver wins the Abu Dhabi GP 2020?

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Team to feature winning driver

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Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2020

2020 is almost coming to an end, so is a dramatic season for Formula 1. The year has witnessed a lot of turnaround mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With only 17 races, this season has been one of the shortest calendar in F1 history. As it has been for the last many years, the 2020 F1 season will mark its end with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in the Yas Marina Circuit.

Track identity:

The Yas Marina circuit is a 5.5 kilometer circuit that has the longest DRS straight among all the F1 tracks. The average speed in here is about 192 km/hour. There are 21 corners in this circuit and two DRS zones with negligible elevation changes. Braking in this track is complicated specially from turn-5 up to the hairpin corner at turn-7. Also, quite a lot of braking regions from turn-17 to turn-21. Since Dubai is in a high temperature zone, a lot of attention has to be spent for looking after the tires.

Drivers’ standings:

The final race of Formula 1 almost always brings a world champion with it. This year, Lewis Hamilton have successfully achieved his 7th championship title in Formula 1, equaling the record of Michael Schumacher. This year, Lewis was able to show excellent sportsmanship by his sheer effort, management and skill. He now owns the record of the highest number of winning podium, crossing 91 podiums which were achieved by Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton was able to secure his championship within the Turkish Grand Prix, keeping 3 races in hand.

The next closest contender for the championship was his teammate Valtteri Bottas, who secured a 2nd place in the drivers’ standing. He was the only driver to challenge Lewis for the title. However, had to show quite a consistency until the final race. But he lost it at the Turkish GP where Lewis had his F1 2020 title.

Followed by Valtteri was Max Verstappen, who was quite aggressive in the front of the pack. He showed challenge for the dominant Mercedes team and was able to stand 3rd in WDC, even with a lot of DNFs. He showed magnificent performances in many races with his regular presence on the podium. He was considered the only visible threat to Mercedes for his attacking driving skills. His teammate, however, could not show a great game for Red Bull. In fact, his seat for the 2021 season has not be yet confirmed by the team.

So is the case for Sergio Perez. Racing Point F1 team will be rebranded as Aston Martin F1 team in 2021 and they have already confirmed Lance Stroll and four times world champion Sebastian Vettel in their driving seats. Even though Perez has scored points consistently and showed fascinating skills, his future in Formula 1 is still questionable.

The remaining part of the pack yet has to compete to their own paces to win a respectable position. The F1 fans have enjoyed the midfield very much this year, with McLaren, Racing Point, Ferrari and Renault going head to head with each other.

Constructors’ standings:

The constructors’ championship was quite predictable within the first few races of the Formula 1 2020 season. Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team showed its dominance among all races and was able to win the constructors’ championship for the 7th consecutive time. This year, Ferrari was unable to show a competitive advantage and was criticized for their team management. They were placed 6th in the constructor standing. Mercedes was followed by Red Bull F1 team and McLaren in the constructor standings.

However, situation may change 2021 due to the new regulations proposed by the FIA, to make Formula 1 more competitive and intensive. Besides, leaving of Honda with engines from Red Bull has also created great challenges for the team to overcome 2021.