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Abu Dhabi GP odds – Get the Best Odds at Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed so much this year, but not this. The F1 season finale will be held at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi as it has been in most years since its inception in 2009. Slightly different is that the race is pushed back from its usually spot on the last weekend in November to the second in December to accommodate a packed schedule.

The race will be the usually day-night format where it starts in the twilight of the day and transitions to full darkness under the floodlights.

The Track

The Yas Marina Circuit has a less common anti-clockwise configuration and features 3 straights and a hand full of tricky medium paced corners. The straight in sectors 2 and 3 have DRS zones to enable more overtaking and wheel to wheel action with the sector 2 straight being a huge 1.2km long.

This track is a notoriously difficult one for car set up because the teams want to set up for less drag on the straights so they can carry more speed, but this compromises their downforce in the slow and mid speed corners so a balance is needed.

The Contenders

The obvious contenders are, as always this season, the two Mercedes drivers. The Mercedes car is far more dominant than anyone else on the grid and this is very unlikely to change by the last race of the season.

Hamilton will have already clinched his record equalling 7th title by this point and his Mercedes teammate Valteri Bottas will have a huge point to prove going into the off-season. Bottas has been outclassed at every turn by Hamilton this year and this race will be a great opportunity to finally build some momentum ready for next year’s title fight.

Both Red Bull drivers will also be out to prove a point, and a big performance by Max Verstappen could see him challenging the dominant Mercedes. Max has not been quiet in the past about his desire to become F1 World Champion and this might be the perfect race to prove him and his team have what it takes to challenges the Mercs next time round.

His teammate Alex Albon may well be fighting for his seat at the last race of the season, with his subpar performances this year meaning there are a lot of drivers sniffing around it. He will be determined to get at least a podium here to prove he is the man Red Bull need going forward.

The Renault’s and especially Daniel Ricciardo have been very competitive at tracks similar to this one this year, and with the Ausie moving on to McLaren next year he would love to give the team a podium to remember him by in his last race.

The Ferrari’s have had a hugely disappointing season, with their car just lacking in pace. They have however managed to eek out some performance in the last race or two and would like to prove here that they have what it takes to be title challengers once again next year.

Racing Point and McLaren should not be discounted for a podium either.

There is no odds at Abu Dhabi GP 2020 yet.