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ACL odds – Get the Best Odds at AFC Champions League

Who wins the AFC Champions League (ACL) 2021?

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AFC Champions League 2021 - Looking at game hub venues

The AFC champions league 2021 will be Asia’s 40th premier club tournament organized and handled by AFC (Asian Football Confederation). The 2021 tournament will be the first in history to 40 teams. Previously, the tournament involved a total of 32 teams. As per the regulations, the winner of the AFC Champions League 2021 will automatically qualify for AFC Champions League 2022, even if they do not qualify and make it to the tournament through domestic performance.

That being said, watchers are worried about AFC champions League 2021 venues. The Asian Football Confederation league is determined to play the second-season matches in centralized hub venues because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizer of AFC champions League 2021 had clearly stated the chances of playing in centralized venues in September 2020.

Recap on AFC Champions League 2020

The AFC Champions League 2020 commenced in September after a long pause. The last match was scheduled for March. All the Western region games were played beautifully in Qatar. However, the easter region games were played in November 2020.

The western region games (knockout rounds) of AFC champions league 2020 began on Saturday, in Qatar. The defending champion of Saudi Arabia, Al-Hilal, the team that topped in 5 of its game out of 6 were not included in the knock-out rounds.

Al-Hilal was terminated to participate in the competition because so many players in the team were tested positive for coronavirus. Therefore, Al-Hilal could not play the 6th stage fixture.

The team of United Arab Emirates, Al-Wahda did not participate at the end either as the team could not travel to Qatar because of COVID-19. The previous results of both the team were wiped from the last group standings.

AFC Champions League 2021

The competition’s organizer is expected to follow similar venue formats for AFC Champions League 2021. All the venues are decided to overcome the challenges that players face while traveling. The travel limits have all the teams playing in centralized venues.

The secretary of AFC Champions League, Windsor John clearly pointed out the use of a similar pattern, that is a centralized format for the 2021 champions league. Later on, he talked at an online meeting, Soccerex conference, stating that the Asian Football Confederation is left with no choice but to use venue hubs in the next season.

The lack of flights, closed borders, and travel restrictions across the continent had added to the pressure to complete the eastern region games of 2020 with a traditional home-away format. However, the AFC’s target date to wrap up the 2020 AFC champions league was 19th December 2020 and they have successfully completed the target as today is the last match of the 2020 league; between Ulsan and Persepolis. The approach of a centralized hub venue is thought to bring benefits to all the stakeholders.

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